2011 polish of the year - Orlys Fowl Play

This took no deciding at all for me....its kind of a no brainer that Fowl play from Orly’s Birds of a Feather collection is my 2011 polish of the year, Its no secret that its a dupe for Merry Midnight by OPI and even though they are identical i think Orly has a better formula then OPI and id bet my bottom dollar that you have this in your stash and if you don't then you need to get it.

I very nearly pass this one by, my friend Ruth offered to send it to me after she had a spare, i said i had a Cheaper dupe for it, which id never used so i said yeah OK IL take it and omg I'm so pleased i do because its become my fave polish, its very rare i use a polish more then twice, but this one is my go to when i cant decide which other to wear.

For me 2 layers was enough, i love the way it made my nails look, and they felt much stronger with the polish on, they didn't chip, crack or peal and the polish still looked good after a weeks wear, in fact the photos below where taken about a week after i painted my nails.....To keep it looking shiny and fresh all i did was apply a new coat of Seche every few days.

Anyway I'm not going to ramble on about it, because the photos speak for them self....Congratulation Orly, you are my 2011 Nail polish of the year.

300 Follower Give-Away

I finally made it to 300 Followers and im proud to announce my BarryM Crackle Give away.

BarryM Nail effects - White Forest - Blue Print - Pink Fizz - Purple Rain - Gold Glitter [new]

Nails Inc - Tate & BarryM Red Glitter

I had my Christmas nails planned for almost 2 months, sadly i didn't get to do what i wanted, see my Granddad passed away on the 17th of December, and his Funeral was on the 23rd of December so I've had other things n my mind other then my nails.

I didn't want to keep the Black on that id pained my nails in for the Funeral, and my Grandad used to love seeing my nails as i had a different colour on each time i visited him lol so to not of done anything with them would of disappointed him.

Ii did a quick manicure on Christmas Eve, i used Nails Inc in Tate as a base and BarryM Red Glitter on top and i have to admit i love the Glitter, lol many of you that know me will know i hate glitter, so to find one i liked is a surprise even for me..

Sorry for the crappy way my nails look ......i filed them after i painted them and i didn't clean them up as well as i normally do ...oooopps

R.I.P Grandad i loved you more then i ever showed you, but then i know you knew that.

Nail Mail from the lovley Ruth

So once again i done a swap with my friend Ruth, (she is awesome for swapping) i think this was the largest swap I've done, to others it may be small but to me its the most I've swapped in one go.

It took a couple of weeks to to collect what we wanted but we got there in the end lol

Here is what i got....from to right

Catrice:-  Marilyn & Me - Sydney - New york - I wear my sunglasses at night - Lavenderlicious

Essence:- Blue Addicted- Try'in to be cool - Fall for Me
(I got the Blue Addicted for swapping, so if ya interested then let me know)

Xtreme Wear Wet Cement -  Orly Fowl Play - China Glaze Sea Spray - - I'm not sure what colour the Basic is?

Essence 24 hr hand cream and boy is this delish, it smells so nice, Essence nail oil and a cute little file.

Thank you Ruth this has to be my favourite swap I've done since getting in to swapping....and i look forward to our next swap xxx

Catrice - Lost In Mud

Ive wanted this polish for a while now, and thanks to a great lady called Ruth i now have it, for some reason I'm getting in to this kind of shade more and more and its a hard shade to name lol some say its a medium brown creme, personally id say a mushroom/Taupe colour but it also has a grey undertone to it.

I've seen a few bloggers say its a dupe to Particuliere by Chanel and yes OK i can see why,  I dont have it to compare them but seeing other images i think they are close in colour but to me i think Particuliere is darker, but not by much.....i also think there would be a lot of polishes with a shade like it in their collection, but if you cant get Catrice where you are and don't have a friend like Ruth to get it for you then you would be able to find an alternative easily, like OPI over the Taupe or even Essie Mink Muffin

I normally do a full hand shot when taking my photos, and i did take the photo, i just cant find it so I'm sorry there is no full hand shot but the photos below still show how lovely it is.