Zebra Stipes Nail Wraps

When ever i go food shopping on the way home from my parents i always pick up a pack of Nails wrap by George in ASDA, they are £4 - £4.50 a pack and i like to add them as "Extras" in swaps i do, I've collected quite a pile and even though i think they have awesome designs, I've only ever tried them once and i thought i made a mess of them so never used them again.

I received a awesome pack of SEPHORA Nail Bling (Snakeskin) wraps in a swap with my friend Kate, they where a little  more expensive then the ones i get and i REALLY want to wear them for Christmas, but was worried id mess up and waste them.

So iv been practising with the cheaper ones i pick up......how ever saying that i love how these look and will be wearing more of them.....this might be bad news for the ladies i swap with because now i want to use them all and wont have any for Extras Hehehehe, only kidding ladies.

I'm not there yet as fair as being professional at putting them on but with more practise i will get better, i hope.

HERE are some of the other designs.....i have others but yet to add them