Orly Rock Solid

This one has been on my wish list for sometime now, and its thanks to a sweet lady called Dema that i now own it, she sent it to me for my Birthday and I'm very Thankful.

Rock Solid is from the Orly Mineral FX collection, This Polish did not disappoint, oh man i LOVE this one, its a dark granite grey with Silvery Flex of glitter almost a foil look to it that catches the light and gives of a pretty rainbow sparkle almost holo effect, just perfection.

A good formula, for having the gritty glitter to it, i expected it to be a PiTA to put on but coat it sailed on with ease in two east coats, i will admit it doesn't dry smooth, it has a gritty texture to it but it was easily smoother out with 2 coats of my Seche topcoat, it lasted very well, a little over a week i think, and that's only because i took it off to put on a new polish i got, i think it would of lasted even longer then 7 days.

This is going to the top of my Fave list and one il use again for sure.

A England Princess Tears

A England Princess Tears.

I haven't polished my nails in such a long time, waiting for my eyes to heal enough to be able to do them, so this is the first time I've Painted my nails since Xmas eve 2012 eekkkkk.

A England Princess Tears is from their Legend Collection and is described as a Lilac Holographic, but its more then that, depending on the light it looks Lilac and silvery Grey Duo-Chrome, and id say its more a scattered holo effect then a full on in your face Holographic.

Princess Tears does on very well, i have no problems with the formula, but i did have trouble with the brush, but i was lead to believe this is a fault with Princess Tears, but if you do purchase it and find your brush is out of whack then contact the maker and explain your problem and she will send you a new brush like she did with me...

It does need 2-3 coats as its a not as opaque but i guess that depends how you want the finished look, i found it dried fast almost a matte feel to it....so i had to add a top coat of Seche but of course you don't have to, and let me just say this is one tough polish, i got almost 12 days out if it with out any chipping, and very very slight tip wear, this could depend on your nail care routine and what under coat and top coat you use but i was very happy with the length of time i got from one.

Friendship & Polish

After i finding out i have Macular Edema i had surgery on both my eyes to reduce the swelling behind of them, i fell in a pretty bad slump and thought id never be able to paint my own nails again, but my friends refused to let me give up hope and some of the sweetest gals got together in a group i help run called The Polish Swap over on Facebook, they all chipped in to surprise me with some polishes from A England they got me 6 in total

 Ascalon - Princess Sabra - Princess Tears - Dragon - Saint George - Galahad.

So i would like to take the time Thank the following ladies who kindly helped cheer me up

Ruth Gistelinck   Melissa Miller-Gralnich  ,Nelly Oliveri  ♥  Simona Light Martinini  ♥   April Tolliver ♥   Theresa Morgan ♥    Dana Whaley  ♥  Jeanette Dorta ♥  Angela Pich Jaclyn Wenchtenhiser

Id also like to Thank ♥  Rachel Arthurfor organizing the gift and ♥  Kira Miagi cat  ♥  for ordering them to be sent to me.

You ladies are so sweet and kind and il never forget that kindness you have shown me.....i cant ever thank you enough and Its an honer to be Admin in such a great group of women.

(¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
¤ º° ¤`•.¸.•´ ¤ °º ¤

Duri Rejuvacote

First let me say sorry for the quality of these photos.....i have no excuse other then i was lazy and didn't take the care i normally do when taking my photos lol

Anyway i want to come tell you about a great Nail treatment polish called Duri Rejuvacote, the saying on their site is "from dying nails to..."nails to die for" and i never thought id ever say thins but that slogan is BANG on....

My good friend Rachel from Cherry Glam Girl told me about this after hearing about the good things herself, so i thought it wont hurt to try it, i have tried many other nail treatments with out success, but continued to use OPI Nail Envy even though i wasn't 100% happy with it, my nails would get to a certain length then snap, and after a stint of illness i lost all hope and hacked them off so short there wasn't even a tip to scratch my itch lol..... my nails wouldn't grow and when they did grow a little they would tear, snap and peel.

Rachel suggested giving the Duri a go, so i set out to find it on Ebay, it found it was more expensive in the UK then the USA, and i didn't purchase any at first, i didn't want to pay that much for something i was doubtful would work.

When i did buy some, i decided the best attack was to follow all the instructions, so i started out with clean nails, i applied 2 good thick layer on day one, then a thick layer every day for 7 days, then at the end of the week i cleaned it off and would start again i done this for 4 weeks and WOWZA my nails where strong and healthy looking and the best they have ever been since i stopped biting them, I'm so impressed i cant rave on enough about this stuff, so please if you have having problem nails, then give this a go and come back and tell me how right i was lol.

Please be adviced this had some pretty strong chemicals in it.....it is not 3 free
Ethyl Acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, toluenesulfonamide/formaldehyde resin, isopropyl alcohol, n-butyl alcohol, trymethyl penthanyl, dissobutyrate, camphor, hydrolized wheat protein, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolized soy protein, calcium pantothenate.