A England Princess Tears

A England Princess Tears.

I haven't polished my nails in such a long time, waiting for my eyes to heal enough to be able to do them, so this is the first time I've Painted my nails since Xmas eve 2012 eekkkkk.

A England Princess Tears is from their Legend Collection and is described as a Lilac Holographic, but its more then that, depending on the light it looks Lilac and silvery Grey Duo-Chrome, and id say its more a scattered holo effect then a full on in your face Holographic.

Princess Tears does on very well, i have no problems with the formula, but i did have trouble with the brush, but i was lead to believe this is a fault with Princess Tears, but if you do purchase it and find your brush is out of whack then contact the maker and explain your problem and she will send you a new brush like she did with me...

It does need 2-3 coats as its a not as opaque but i guess that depends how you want the finished look, i found it dried fast almost a matte feel to it....so i had to add a top coat of Seche but of course you don't have to, and let me just say this is one tough polish, i got almost 12 days out if it with out any chipping, and very very slight tip wear, this could depend on your nail care routine and what under coat and top coat you use but i was very happy with the length of time i got from one.


  1. I <3 princess tears, keep meaning to add it to my collection!

  2. Nice Blog :)

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  3. I love that outfit!!
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