Jesses Girl - Riff Raff

When i received my package from Jesses Girl Cosmetic, this was the one polish i was looking forward to trying first, its a lush chocolate brown with a slight shimmer to it which id say was gold

I used Seche base coat and i applied 2 layers of the polish, i guess you could do one, but out of habit i done 2 then a good  layer of Seche top coat, the polish lasted over 7 days with out chipping

There polish is very good quality for little cost, $2.99 from Rite Aid (for those who live in the US)  its a good formula, the brush is shaped just right to help you get that perfect application and the shape of the lids are so comfortable, you get a good grip and they are great to work with.

Of course no polish can over take my favourite Glee polish but this is a close contender, for joint first....and i do believe that Riff Raff is also Christine's Favourite color too.

If you would like to check them out you can visit them at their site Jesses Girl Cosmetic or on Facebook HERE

Guest Post By Jacquelyn - Lil' Frankies

When Kellie asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I was quite surprised... my nail designs pale in comparison to hers.

I am a stay-at-home-mommy and I just do my girls' nails in my spare time.  As you can guess, we don't spend alot on nail polishes.

A week or so ago, I stumbled across this tutorial on youtube: HERE by goldiestarling and fell in love right away - I simply adore CUTE Frankenstein's, So the girls and I dug through our polishes to find the correct colours.

For this design, we used:
Avon Smooth Beginnings Base Coat
Avon UV Gloss Top Coat
Avon Nailwear Pro: French Tip White
Claire's Scented Polish: Lime
Claire's Cosmetics: Sparkled Green

After applying the base coat, I applied French Tip White to all nails.
Omitting the ring fingers, I used a dotting tool (two sizes) and applied Lime green dots across the nails.
On the ring fingers, I painted on a green rectangle - covering about 2/3 of the nail.
While that was drying (a very important step when doing small children's nails) I used a smaller dotting tool and applied the sparkling green to SOME of the original green dots.

Returning to my "green rectangle", I added some black (using the Nail Art Pen).  For the facial features and scar, I squeezed out some of the nail pen polish and used a very thin art brush for more detail.
Top coat was then applied to protect the design.

And here is the finished result, Pretty simple, eh!

Kellie also asked me to do a quick review of the polishes...  As mentioned above, I don't have many brands to compare to, but I am happy with the ones we use.

I find the Avon polish dry quickly - which is essential for little girls that do not want to sit still long.

Nail mail from Ruth x

My nail mail from Ruth, you gotta love this gal she is awesome to swap with and never lets you down...thank you Ruthie poo xxxx

Essence: Blue Addicted, Twins Thelma & Louise and Galactic Black
Catrice polish: Lost In Mud and Hip girls wear blue jeans.

Jesses Girl Nail Mail

I joined the Jesse's Girl Face Book Page a while back after, i got Glee which i blogged about HERE, it in a swap with Ashley from Polished Components, and i fell in love with their polish, and wanted, no needed to own more of there fantastic colours.

I done a lot of moaning on the site that i couldnt buy it here in the UK, and i made friends with a lady called Christine who ran the Face book page, i later found out that Christine was actually the Daughter of Jesse the creator or Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

So after receiving a card in the post to say i had to go collect a package, and knowing i was only really waiting on my deliver from Christine, i went to collected it and i got so excited i swear a little wee came out lol, i couldn't wait to get home to see all my new polish.

So i got, 12 colours in total.....all wrapped perfectly, i love how they where individually wrapped to protect the bottle then in a little bag, i think its the neatest polish delivery I've ever had, i cant fault them for there below is what i got.....

Spring Break, Firefly, Confetti, Party Dress, Beauty Guru, All things Girly, Silettos, Mermaid Lagoon, Rif Raff, Fashion Friday, Cupcake Frosting, Girls Night Out

I cant wait to try these beauty's, and share my reviews with you.

xx A Special Thank you to Christine and her mum Cathy for posting these out to me. xx
If you would like to purchase any of the Jesse's girl products which are reasonably priced then id highly recommend them, you can check out their site HERE

Tuff Scent - Water Collection - Mother Nature.

Well its that time again...time for the weird looks because Kellie is standing smelling my fingers again.....and if I'm not smelling them I'm shoving them in other peoples face telling them to smell them to the point I'm becoming annoying, but i cant help myself and its because i have on Tuff Scent - Mother Nature witch a Spearmint scent from The Water Collection.

I've read a few reviews saying its hard to get to grip with the shape of the lid, but i have no problems at all, i find the lid has no control over how i apply the polish and i can paint my nails with it just as good as i can other polish lids........

I like the little sayings on each different bottle, this one says: **Mother Nature - Reminds us to care and give back, change and grow with kindness towards all** ....And i cant agree more.

This beautiful blue is just to lush i say blue but depending on the way you look at it it has hidden colours to it, i personally feel its like a Blue Lagoon look to it, its so pretty, I've already raved on about this polish HERE, and after using it again i still stand by what i said.

It only took 2 coats to get the look i Ike on my nails, the spearmint smell comes through almost straight reminds me of a few things, fresh mint leaves, Tooth paste lol but i asked my Boyfriend Kevin to smell it, as always when i mention Nail Polish his face goes blank and he looses all interest in what i have to say lol, but i managed to pursued him to smell my finger lol, he said to my surprise "ohh that neat" and when iasked him what he could smell he said Chewing gum.

He said it smells like you have been winding chewing gum round your fingers, and i have to agree, it does smell like Spearmint chewing gum, and as i love anything minty i have to say i love this polish both the colour and the smell.

Now Tuff Scent, all you have to do is invent a nail polish that tastes too, that way i can go around both smelling and liking my fingers lol.

If you would like to check this polish out they have many other beautiful collection all with individual scents you can find them at Tuff Scented Nail Polish OR you can check them on on their Face Book page HERE - (if you do let them know Fab-La-Icious nails sent you)



Nail Mail from Rachael

I did a swap with the sweetes girl  in my nail group, we did it round about the time the Canadian post workers went on strike, and unfortunaly my package never arrived, but this wasn't Rachael's fault its was the postal service.......I was happy to let it go, but Rachael being Rachel wanted to send me another package, which i got yesterday, there is nothing better then nail mail to cheer you up in a raining cold Saturday and Rachaels package done just that. sup....the best suprise she gave me was the OPI Glacier Bay Blues, id had this on my wish list for a while so im very excited....thank you my sweet friend i appreciate all you sent me xxx

Claire's Evil Queen and Venomous which to me is like Hard Candy Beetle.

Wet n Wild Grey's Anatomy 

OPI Glacier Bay Blues

Tuff Scented Nail polish - Water Collection.

Wooooo hoooo i received my Polish from Tuff Scent today, omg look at those babies what a lucky girl i am.....these pretties are from.....left to right:

A baby blue crème that smells of Pineapple & Kiwi.
Mother Nature 
A shimmering blue that smells of Spearmint (my fave smell ever)
A midnight Blue with shimmering silver Glitter and smells of Lilac

I do love the shape and look of these bottles the lids take some getting used to but who cares when you have polish that looks like that and smells good enough to lick of your fingers lol

Photos and reviews of each polish to follow very soon as i cant wait to wear this....especially Mother Nature.

Tuesdays Shopping Haul.

As I've been feeling down and sorry for myself lately i went in to town after my Dr's appointment today and used the vouches id been collection for nail's what i got today half of it is to be added to my Swap list.....or i might do a Giveaway when i reach 300 followers.

Id initially went to pick up a few BarryM Crackles because they seem to be the best for swapping, but they didn't have any in :(

Below are: GOSH - Ocean - Purple Heart - Gold

Below: BarryM - Blue Moon - Tangerine - Foil - Vivid Purple - Pink Iridescent - Cyan Blue

Below: MeMeMe : Demure - Passionate - Relentless - Enigmatic

Below: NYC - Canal Street - East Village - Sidewalkers

These are new, i havent seen or heard of them before in out shops, but i loved the selection so grabbed a few as they were buy 1 get 1 free....Technic : Khaki - Arctic Ice - Curious Violet - Siona Island

Again a new one i haven't seen or heard of, they only had these 2 left they are pretty and glittery.
BC "Body Collection" : Mint Breeze - Midnight Blue

Again more un heard of brands, lol....not a lot to choose from because like anything new here it gets snapped up pretty fast lol - Famous 9 : Red Shimmer - Dark Chocolate

New in colour, but i didnt see any other then this and these were the only 2 left so i got both,
17 - Sulk

Crackle/Shatter polishes -
Beauty UK - Glam Rock Silver  - Technic - Lilac

This was ontop of my nail mail i was over whelmed with nail polish today and dont know where to start or which to use first lol

My Wedding Nails.

After id done my nails in the Tuff Scent polish i blogged about HERE I wanted to jazz them up as i was going to my cousins wedding........this is my first successful go at stamping, i played with some different ways and found the quicker you do it the better result...So my base was Tuff Scent in Guardian Angel, and i used Color Clubs Revvolution to stamp with, i was pleasantly surprised at how good it was to stamp with....i LOVE LOVE LOVE this look and it got so many admiring glances at the wedding.....i was in the toilet, and i heard 4 ladies talking about my nails, all good things, so when i came out of the loo to go wash my hand they all looked a little embarrassed, but i just said thank you and left lol

And here is a extra of the wedding.....see that adorable little princess in the front, that's my 5 year old niece Alisha, it was her first go at being a Brides maid, id of liked it if he first Bride maid gig was for me...but as that far away il let her away with this lol.....she looked beautiful a tear jerking moment when i seen her in her dress for the first time.....and of course Michelle the Bride looked stunning too.

Tuff Scented Nail polish - Guardian Angel

A few months back i was lucky enough to win one of the Tuff Scented Nail polish collections......from their face book page and even though they didn't let me choose, i suggested id like the Earth Collection and they said they would see what they could do with a cheeky wink lol

My first delivery didn't arrive, how ever after contacting then they were very helpful and organized for them to be sent to me again....Disaster stuck and when they arrive they smashed all but one bottle, so again i contacted them and they were very and  they agreed to post me out some more, i asked for a different collection The Water Collection and they said no problem....

I'm still waiting for them to arrive, but its been a while now and i have a feeling they are not coming, but i don't want to contact them again and become a pain.....i guess if they don't arrive IL have to put this win down to a loss....but I managed to tip what was left in the bottles in to a couple of empty bottles i had laying around......and here is what i thought of them.

In the bottle you cant smell the scent, it smells like regular nail polish, it has a really long brush which is fine, but after you pull it out the bottle and wipe the excess on the side, the polish that's collected on the top of the stem tend to drip down on to your brush.

My favorite which totally shocked me was "Guardian Angel" a beautiful subtle white/creme colour with the smell of Lily's.....application of this polish is good, the formula is also good, and wow the bottles are so pretty, you can tell a lot of love and though has gone in to the design of both the bottles and the polish, i haven't seen any other bottles like this, which makes is unique, and the little sayings on the bottle are very cute.

As for the scent, well does it really smell of actual lily's...YES it sure does, they say the scent will last 24 hours, but it lasts much longer then that, after 4 days of wear i could still smell a faint waft of Lily's.

Id like to say the $14 a bottle is cheap for this polish, what with the pretty bottle and the scents that work, but i cant.... if i hadn't of won them id never consider buying them at that price...but id is FREE postage so that helps a lot i think.

I have to add....if you do decide to buy this, then be prepaid for a few funny looks through out the day, as i continuously kept smelling my fingers and I'm sure a few people thought i was strange, but you cant help it...

If you would like to check them out and see what other collection they have then please go visit them at their site  Tuff Scent  you can also check them out on their Face-Book page and Twitter