Jesses Girl Nail Mail

I joined the Jesse's Girl Face Book Page a while back after, i got Glee which i blogged about HERE, it in a swap with Ashley from Polished Components, and i fell in love with their polish, and wanted, no needed to own more of there fantastic colours.

I done a lot of moaning on the site that i couldnt buy it here in the UK, and i made friends with a lady called Christine who ran the Face book page, i later found out that Christine was actually the Daughter of Jesse the creator or Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

So after receiving a card in the post to say i had to go collect a package, and knowing i was only really waiting on my deliver from Christine, i went to collected it and i got so excited i swear a little wee came out lol, i couldn't wait to get home to see all my new polish.

So i got, 12 colours in total.....all wrapped perfectly, i love how they where individually wrapped to protect the bottle then in a little bag, i think its the neatest polish delivery I've ever had, i cant fault them for there below is what i got.....

Spring Break, Firefly, Confetti, Party Dress, Beauty Guru, All things Girly, Silettos, Mermaid Lagoon, Rif Raff, Fashion Friday, Cupcake Frosting, Girls Night Out

I cant wait to try these beauty's, and share my reviews with you.

xx A Special Thank you to Christine and her mum Cathy for posting these out to me. xx
If you would like to purchase any of the Jesse's girl products which are reasonably priced then id highly recommend them, you can check out their site HERE


  1. *Jealous* What is that blue one in the fourth picture?

  2. so jealous! they're not available in Manila! :(

  3. They are not available in the Uk either Marvi but you can order on line...the delivery is really reasonable.

  4. WOW! i really want one of these nail polishes... all of the colours are so pretty