Guest Post By Jacquelyn - Lil' Frankies

When Kellie asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I was quite surprised... my nail designs pale in comparison to hers.

I am a stay-at-home-mommy and I just do my girls' nails in my spare time.  As you can guess, we don't spend alot on nail polishes.

A week or so ago, I stumbled across this tutorial on youtube: HERE by goldiestarling and fell in love right away - I simply adore CUTE Frankenstein's, So the girls and I dug through our polishes to find the correct colours.

For this design, we used:
Avon Smooth Beginnings Base Coat
Avon UV Gloss Top Coat
Avon Nailwear Pro: French Tip White
Claire's Scented Polish: Lime
Claire's Cosmetics: Sparkled Green

After applying the base coat, I applied French Tip White to all nails.
Omitting the ring fingers, I used a dotting tool (two sizes) and applied Lime green dots across the nails.
On the ring fingers, I painted on a green rectangle - covering about 2/3 of the nail.
While that was drying (a very important step when doing small children's nails) I used a smaller dotting tool and applied the sparkling green to SOME of the original green dots.

Returning to my "green rectangle", I added some black (using the Nail Art Pen).  For the facial features and scar, I squeezed out some of the nail pen polish and used a very thin art brush for more detail.
Top coat was then applied to protect the design.

And here is the finished result, Pretty simple, eh!

Kellie also asked me to do a quick review of the polishes...  As mentioned above, I don't have many brands to compare to, but I am happy with the ones we use.

I find the Avon polish dry quickly - which is essential for little girls that do not want to sit still long.


  1. Way cute! I think I will try this on my daughters nails!

  2. Oh your so luck to be asked to do a post for Kellie, id of been really excited if she ever asked me, *hint hint* ;-)

    I think your own twist on Frankie is cuter then the youtube tutorial, i love how it looks, so cute and perfect for Halloween.

  3. This is so cute!!! I fail at nail art so I love this!! And I love Avon polishes, I have a ton of them. :)

  4. These are soooo cute! I can't do nail art at all so I so appreciate looking at others creations. Wonderful job!

  5. I agree you did a great job, when i do my daughters nails (she is 4) no matter how good i am at doing my own, i mess hers up because she is so fidgety (is that even a word) so this turned out great.

    Kellie are you going to try this one for Halloween? are you even doing a Halloween Mani and if you are will you be posting pics?

  6. i love the idea, really cute! you really did a good job :) new follower here :) i'm a nail art blogger too :D

  7. Thanks everyone!!
    And thank you, Kellie for featuring me :D