Pink Wednesday revamp

 I meant to add this last week, this started of as my "Pink Wednesday" which i found out about while reading a blog id came acrosds called "Let Them Have Polish" I kept it pink until the Friday, and as i was going to a Charity thing in honer of my uncle Tom who passed away from Cancer, i wanted to keep them pink as the charitys cololurs are of course pink, but i also wanted to Jazz them up, because im know for having different designs on my nails, so for me to trun up with then just painted pink would of disapointed some people lol, so here was the finished result.

I used:
Rimmel Lycra Pro -  Urban Princess
Rimmel Lycra Pro - Peppermint
Rimmel 60 Seconds - Grey Matters
BarryM - Matt White


OPI Mini

 I dont own any OPI, well ok thats not true, i have 1 bottle that my neighbour gave me when i mentioned id like to try it, but i cant get the lid of because she had it so long its stuck lol, so i never got to use it, i thought id look in Ebay for a cheap bottle...pffftttt no bloody chance, UNTIL what for it, i found one yeahhhhhh i bidded on it for £0.50 and i won it, i checked the mailbox everyday in excitement for my own bottle of OPI, then it came, i took my time to open the package, making me more excited until i got it open and found this below, it was a MINI and its tiny, i wouldnt even think id get my nails done once with it lol........she didnt list it as a Mini, but i guess next time il be more careful and read the full listing next time.


what happens when i get bored

 I decided i was bored with my nails as they where so topped them, and now i dont like themas much as i did with the GOSH rainbow all over....i might add more to the ends and cover up my dreadful mistake, see this is what happens when i get bored lol


Pretty Edgy Nail 50 Follower Giveaway

 One of my Polish-aholic gals Gaby is having a 50 follower give away on her Blog "Pretty Edgy Nail"......she has some awesome things on her list so please go check it out HERE

Prize one: OPI Not Like the Movies, OPI Teenage Dream, OPI Mermaid Tear's. Also one mac lipstick and eyeshadow of your choice.

Prize two: OPI I Juggle...Men, OPI Steady As She Rose, OPI Last Friday Night. Also one Mac lipstick of your choice. 

Prize three: OPI Skull and Glossbones, Color Club Worth the Risque, Color Club Fashion Addict, Color Club Wild and Willing. Also on Mac eyeshadow of your choice. 


GOSH Rainbow

Rimmel Lycra PRO in 416 Blue Vogue (but its more dark purple then blue?) GOSH  Rainbow 546

 I was cleaning out a draw in my bed room, when i found a old dusty bottle of GOSH Rainbow, i knew i had it but i didn't know where so id been bidding on one of EBay and i didn't win. it went for £26.00 which i was surprised at, but hey is someone wants to pay that much for polish who am i to rock their boat.......anyway when i found i got a little bit more excited then may i should of lol.....

Sorry the photo is rubbish when i took a picture with the flash it didn't show the i had to take it by the window in the natural light.

And just to add, its defiantly better over darker colour.


What's Your Polishing Ritual?

 What do you do when you polish your nails, from start to finish? What products do you use right now and what have you found that's best?

  1. Remove old polish using Sally Hansen strengthening remover - For soft thin nails.
  2. Apply Sally Hansens Cuticle Massage Cream with Apricot oil -push back Cuticles.
  3. File and re shape my nails, then smooth out nails and buff to a shine.
  4. Wash hands to remove any oils and dust and dry off nails.
  5. Apply 2 coats of Rimmel - Base Coat and Strengthener and wait 5 mins to fully dry
  6. Choose and apply the polish i want to add in a thin layer-Wait 5 mins to dry
  7. Add a new layer of polish wait 5 minutes till ita touch dry
  8. Clean up any mistakes and shape polish around my cuticle area to make look professional.
  9. Add a good drenching of Seche Vite  and allow to dry fully
  10. Add another coat of Sech Vite making sure i close the free edge and im done.


Spellbinding Nails 500 Follower Give Away

 Oh well thank the lord i found a UK Blogger, i dont know if its just me or there isnt to many Give aways that are UK based, so i miss out on any goodies due to the fact no one sends international this is a sight for upset eyes, and just to add i was Saraha 666 not superstitious but it spooked me out, will it be a good thing or a bad (known me a bad thing lol)

Anywho on to the good stuff........
Well done Sarah for reaching so many followers, you have an awesome blog and shouldn't put yourself down, you obviously deserve all the love you get. x

Check it out HERE

Sarah's Give away consists of the following items for 1 lucky winner:

- 6 Beauty UK - The Wild Child Set.

-6 Models Own including: Jade Stone, Feeling Blue, 
Sophie's Pink, Betty Blue, Slate Green and Utopia.

- 1 Designer Nail Plate - Shoes.

- 1 Designer Nail Plate - Food and Drink

- The winner will also be able to select 8 Random plates 
from Chez -

Utopia , Slate Green and Betty Blue was kindly Sponsored by Models Own

The Designer Nail Plate Shoes and Food and drink was Kindly sponsored 
by Tracey from Merci - My Darling


The Nailasaurus 800 follower giveaway

Wow 800 Followers, i can only hope to have that many lol but what a great giveaway

 1st Prize
Nail Polishes, Bundle Monster Plates, 1 packet of Fimo Canes

2nd, 3rd and 4th Prizes
1 packet of Fimo Canes

Check it out HERE


Rimmels Newest additions.

 I went food shopping today in my local store called "TESCO" they have a Rimmel counter, with a very small amount of nail polish and make-up but i have all the colours they sell i always look when i go shopping just on the off chance they have new colours and oh wow they had new shades and i had to have the them, but due to them not adding new stuff i bought 2 of each so i have it in case they don't get it back in.

Bourjois - So laque! Ultra Shine in "Rose Lounge 28"

This is the brand and colour that Kate Middleton wore on her Wedding day to Prince William.

Bourjois - So laque! Ultra Shine in "Rose Lounge 28" Its a really sheer looking pink, 1st coat didn't do anything, it was like id just put a base coat on, 2nd coat still was to sheer for me, so 3rd and finally 4th coat i got the cover i wanted,  then of course when i was doing well i smudged 2 nails and they were so bad i had to start them all over again .........i then added some nail art sticker id bought of ebay and ive been dying to add them since i got them......i was happy with the way they turned out, but after a couple of hours the edge of one of the stickers started to curl up even though i have 2 coats of SV thats 6 coats of polish lol and even after all that i think they look streaky *Big sigh*

Any way my opinion on Bourjois polish is 4 out of 10,  not worth the £5.99 i paid for it, and i doubt il use it again so what a waste, guess il add it to my swap list when i make one.

Beauty by Kayla Shevonne Give away

 WOWZA, this is an awesome give away, $250 worth of prizes to be won now that's awesome if i do say so myself, it very kind of Kayla to do this and for that she so deserves 5 mins of your time so what you waiting for, get ur butt over there and click "FOLLOW" Below is a list of what's on offer.

 The prizes include:

The entire 12 piece China Glaze Anchors Away Collection
Includes the colours: Life Preserver, Hey Sailor, Ahoy!, First Mate, Starboard, Lighthouse, White Cap, Pelican Gray, Sea Spray, Below Deck, Sunset Sail and Knotty

OPI Katy Perry Mini Polishes with a full sized bottle of OPI Black Shatter
Includes the colours: The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, Not Like the Movies and Black Shatter

One set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in the design Laced Up

3 polishes from the Orly Precious Collection
Includes the colours: Royal Valvet, Ancient Jade and Fancy Fuchsia

Sinful Colors Mini Neon Collection
Includes the colours: Dream On, Pink, Irish Green, Neon Melon and Fusion Neon

OPI Burlesque Little Teasers Mini Polishes
Includes the colours: Rising Star, Take the Stage, The Show Must Go On! and Ali's Big Break

5 polishes from the China Glaze Crackle Collection (I chose not to get Black Mesh since I was already including OPI's Black Shatter)
Includes the colours: Fault Line, Cracked Concrete, Crushed Candy, Broken Hearted and Lightning Bolt

One bottle of the hard to find Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

The China Glaze Awakening Collection from Halloween 2010
Includes the colours: Zombie Zest, Mummy May I and Ick-A-Bod-Y

One bottle of the Wet 'n' Wild FastDry polish in the colour Party of 5 Glitters

Live. Laugh. Love. Lacquer. Give away

Live. Laugh. Love. Lacquer. is having a 100 Follower giveaway, now first let me just say i LOVE that blog name and love the blog its self........

in this giveaway she has included two summer sets of H&M mini polishes, pretty pastels for spring, fun flower stickers, and a few other items.

To enter the only requirement is to be a follower, but there are other ways to get more filling out her form on the blog.

To enter or just take a peak at her blog you can do that HERE


Short And Sweet Nails Give away

Short And Sweet Nails Give away Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Girl Flower, Sinful polish in Let's Meet
Sinful polish in Fig.

A Polished Life Give away

A Polished Life is doing a Give away for Nfu Oh Flakie Victorian Series #048 And Mystery Premium Polish! If she reached 500 Followes so come on girls show your suport for a fellow Polish gal.

you can check her offer out at her Blog HERE

Pink Wednesday

Pink Polish Wednesday, im wearing. Rimmel 291 Urban Princess

I took of my nail polish the other night after id added a matt polish to change the look, iy made my paint peel off, so after taking it off it stained my nails so bad, my nails or horrid when bare and i never go naked lol but i still wanted to get the staining of, but i just couldn't shift it, i dont understand why it stained because i always wear that shade because its my favourite so why now?...i didn't do anything different then i normally do, I used a base coat and 2 layers of Rimmel 825 Sky High and a top coat, only reason i can think of is i was careful and didn't chip it and managed to get 2 weeks out of it before it looked tatty, so maybe the longer you leave it on the more it has a chance to stain?

Seche Vite

 I got my Seche Vite today, first thing i thought was "wow that's a big bottle" second thought was "hm smells very chemically" third thought was "why the hell didn't i buy it sooner".....i am pleased with it, normally i wait an hour before i do anything after adding a top coat, but this was rock hard dry in less then 10 mins.

May Polish Haul.

 I got a bunch of gift certificates for Christmas and my Birthday and because i was to lazy to go in to town and use then, i miss placed them, but i found them yesterday yey, i decided to do a Nail Polish Haul and here ae my goodies from todays Haul.

Oh and to add, as i live in a small area so i dont have much Brands choose from so they are mainly Rimmel. Total cost was £152

From Left to Right : - Rimmel 60 second: 270 Shocker - 810 Blue my mind - 420 Sunrise - 825 Sky High ( my fav) 430 Coralicious - 610 Pompous - 805 Grey Matters

 From Left to Right:- Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish: 030 Double Decker Red - 239 Your Majesty - 280 Sunshine - 050 Tangerine Queen - 260 Green Grass - 195 Perfect Plum - 198 Azure - 080 Black cab - 193 Black Cherries.

From Left to Right:- Rimmel Lycra PRO: 397 Beige Babe - 378 Posh Trash - 393 Desire - 391 Celebrity Bash - 295 Fancy Fuchsia - 291 Urban Princess - 293 Pop Rose - 307 Grape Sorbet

 Barry M Stash - From Left to Right : 3 bottles of Crackle in Black - Silver Sea 217 - Dark Mauve 104 - Racing Green 299 - Matt White 66 - Pink Iridescent 264


Paws to Polish Give away

Paws to Polish is having a super dooper Give away, This will be Katies first give away so please suport her and pop over to view her Blog....i promise you woont be disappointed...... and looksie what's he has to offer

 Check it out HERE


Kriss Cross...polka dots

 I think out of all the things ive done on my nails this is my fav, for now anyway lol.....



I was in a hurry one day and my nails where bare...eeekkkkk, they are all stained from dark polish and i didnt want to g out with them like that, so i quickly tipped them with just a V shape in a simple purple, the next day i looked at them and though how boring do they look, so i added some design to them and lurvvvved it, my step daughter was wowed by it and i di hers in red and black...


Twisted Polka-Dot.

My boyfriends neice wanted something pink and girly, so i had a hunt about for desgns that met her requirments lol.....i came across this polka dot tutorial and as always i try them out on my own nails first so i know i can do it....but i made a mistake by putting a clear top coat on too soon and it kinda run my pink dots if id taken my time it would of turned out much better.......but atlaste i learned this before doing Clairs nails.



Cute Strawberry Nails

 This was so much fun to do, a friend had posted the you tube vid on her facebook page saying how she wished she could do it i did it on my nails for her lol, i cant remember what i used sorry but any red and green will do just as good, ive also added the you tube for you




After i seen a tutorial on you tube for something like this design, i cant remember where it was or th name or id post the video for you anywhooooo i checked out my nail polish to see if i hadn't any white,  i only have French manicure white, so i popped in to town and picked up a BarryM Matt White and Black.....and i think it came out cool.....i certainly got some admiring glances when i was out.


True Blood

 Im a huge True Blood fan, so this was inspired from the program, not that anyone had it, but oh man was i pleased with how it looked, i used Rimmels I ♥ Lasting Finish: Double Decker Red 030 and Black Cherries 0