What's Your Polishing Ritual?

 What do you do when you polish your nails, from start to finish? What products do you use right now and what have you found that's best?

  1. Remove old polish using Sally Hansen strengthening remover - For soft thin nails.
  2. Apply Sally Hansens Cuticle Massage Cream with Apricot oil -push back Cuticles.
  3. File and re shape my nails, then smooth out nails and buff to a shine.
  4. Wash hands to remove any oils and dust and dry off nails.
  5. Apply 2 coats of Rimmel - Base Coat and Strengthener and wait 5 mins to fully dry
  6. Choose and apply the polish i want to add in a thin layer-Wait 5 mins to dry
  7. Add a new layer of polish wait 5 minutes till ita touch dry
  8. Clean up any mistakes and shape polish around my cuticle area to make look professional.
  9. Add a good drenching of Seche Vite  and allow to dry fully
  10. Add another coat of Sech Vite making sure i close the free edge and im done.


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