Spellbinding Nails 500 Follower Give Away

 Oh well thank the lord i found a UK Blogger, i dont know if its just me or there isnt to many Give aways that are UK based, so i miss out on any goodies due to the fact no one sends international much....so this is a sight for upset eyes, and just to add i was Saraha 666 follower....im not superstitious but it spooked me out, will it be a good thing or a bad (known me a bad thing lol)

Anywho on to the good stuff........
Well done Sarah for reaching so many followers, you have an awesome blog and shouldn't put yourself down, you obviously deserve all the love you get. x

Check it out HERE

Sarah's Give away consists of the following items for 1 lucky winner:

- 6 Beauty UK - The Wild Child Set.

-6 Models Own including: Jade Stone, Feeling Blue, 
Sophie's Pink, Betty Blue, Slate Green and Utopia.

- 1 Designer Nail Plate - Shoes.

- 1 Designer Nail Plate - Food and Drink

- The winner will also be able to select 8 Random plates 
from Chez - Delaney.com

Utopia , Slate Green and Betty Blue was kindly Sponsored by Models Own

The Designer Nail Plate Shoes and Food and drink was Kindly sponsored 
by Tracey from Merci - My Darling



  1. i tagged you for a blogger award