Aengland - Tristam

This is a beautiful nail polish. It's a dark blue/purple holographic polish yes i know it looks royal blue, but depending on the way the light catches it can look dark purple, Tristam is from a-england’s maiden collection, and it is highly saturated in colour so i think some miht get away with just one coat, as with all a-england polish it went on well, pretty quick drying time, and dries with a high glossy shine.

I know this is one of their older polishes, and i have had it for almost 2 years now yet never got around to wearing, for which im mentally slapping myself, but i think no matterhow old this polish gets, its always going to be a all round stunner.

If you are interested in trying it, a-England is an indy brand from England who frequently offers worldwide shipping after they found a way to ship internationally after Royal mail clamped down on the postage of polish out of the UK and if you ever need to ask anything then Adina is a sweet lady who will try to help you how ever she can,

a-england  - Facebook

Jade - Fascinio Viola

Revisit....I've worn this before but revisiting it again cuz its so freaking pretty and i hated my nails and didn't have a blog to blog about it lol

Jade - Fascinio Viola  so easy to apply, you don't need any special base which some intense Holo polishes require and there is no issues like dulling when you use fast drying top coats.

As with all Jade, the formula is perfect, although Fascino Viola is a little sheer and depending on how you like your polish i would say 3 coats is best, but 2 is good to if you don't want to over load polish on your nails.

There was no bald patches, and it just is a really amazing polish to apply and wear, Jade Holo polish to me personally is olne of the strongest Holo effects out there, you might disagree? but to me it is.

Catrice - Dirty Berry

 Catrice Dirty Berry has to be the prettiest purple I've seen or own, its a kind of lilac/lavender with tint silver sparkly particles to it, dare i say kind of holo, well yeah in the right light, but it looks great no matter what light its in.

It went on just perfect, oh i do like a polish that does that, the formula is lush the brush perfect it dried super fast with out a top coat and i cant find one thing to complain about and well that's not like me lol, its just a perfect polish, no wonder its Catrices best seller

Lilypad Lacquer - Too Much Excitemint

Lilypad Lacquer Too Much Excitemint, now i am led to believe there is 2 versions of this....but i could be incorrect but some photos ive seen are different to mine, I've seen a more turquoise colour, so if there is 2 then please feel free to let me know.

The  one i have is a cool almost mint, kind of Jade shade, it almost makes me think of the ocean, and mermaids, OK so the holo is not as screaming as most of Nicoles polish, but it has a scattered holo to it which is normally my type of holo.... how ever, it goes on like a dream....almost a 1 coat-er but i have read other needed up to 3 coats??? im not sure if they got a more watery version?  but i used 2 as i always do with any polish, just because it make my nails stronger...and it didn't need any more coats and It dried fast but then i think all Lilypad Lacquers dry quick, as do most holo polishes all in all i like it.....i have no complaints yet im not screaming from the roof tops with excitment about it.

Do you have this one? do you love it? what are your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.


Chirality - Soska

When i got this polish in the an awesome Birthday package sent to me by an even more awesome person Rachel from CherryGlamGirl Blog, i was so excited, id read and seen the Black is the new Black Collection featuring Soska and Counterintuitive from Chirality
Polish I'm not to proud or too grown to admit i got way to excited then i guess i adult should, but just look at this baby......

So as far as I'm aware "Soska" was names after twins The Soska sisters or aka The Twisted Twin,  now don't shoot me, but being in the  UK i personally haven't heard of them, but i know who they are now, and if you are a fan of horror then you should check them out.

Soska is a Black Holo, OK so I've read a few say its a dark grey, but no, I'm sorry its BLACK.....and wow what a black, in just 2 coats this is done, and topcoat the shiz out of it and there is no dulling of the fact its perfection, now i will admit, i do have a Black Holo by Jade that is more in your face holo, but that's OK cuz its still spectacular....and the holois still strong and well i love it.

If you want to check out Chirality polish you can do at the below links.

Chirality Store - FacebookEtsy store

Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Lilypad Lacquer - Wild at heart

Lilypad Lacquer Wild At heart

Wow just look at this beauty, i mean how can you not be mesmerised with this, a Holo green that's sent from the gods id say.

I'm trying to think of a way to explain the colour other then just "Green" At first i thought maybe a Hunter green, but nope I'm going with Military green and has a golden look to it also, its a Linear Holo and the holo as with all Lilppad polish doesn't disappoint.

if you have short nails you can most definitely get away with one coat...longer nails need to two coats, and top coating doesn't dull the effect.

I know i have said this about all the Lilypads i have but this is one of my faves.

Lilypad Lacquer - Where the Lilypads grow (Exclusive Custom)

A little backgroun information on how this glorious polish came about.

Where the lilypads grow is a Custom one off Exclusive nail polish that came to life when Nicole offered to make it for a Fan group on Facebook ran by Rachel of Cherryglamgirl Blog.... Nicole suggested 6 colours to choose from which would be exclusive to active members only of that group, the group had come together to suggest a name for the polish but Nicole choose to name it her self and well that's how Where the Lilypads grow began.

As you can see it is packed full of holo colours and is describes as a Linear Holo polish....depending on the light you can see a Rainbow of colours, and i have to say its flawless, the formula as with all Nicole's polish is perfection, it glides on with such ease, and dries in a good time and id say you could easily get away with just one coat, normally with some Holo polishes, adding a top coat t them dulls the effect, but not with this one adding a topcoat had zero effect on how amazing this polish is.
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