Lilypad Lacquer - Too Much Excitemint

Lilypad Lacquer Too Much Excitemint, now i am led to believe there is 2 versions of this....but i could be incorrect but some photos ive seen are different to mine, I've seen a more turquoise colour, so if there is 2 then please feel free to let me know.

The  one i have is a cool almost mint, kind of Jade shade, it almost makes me think of the ocean, and mermaids, OK so the holo is not as screaming as most of Nicoles polish, but it has a scattered holo to it which is normally my type of holo.... how ever, it goes on like a dream....almost a 1 coat-er but i have read other needed up to 3 coats??? im not sure if they got a more watery version?  but i used 2 as i always do with any polish, just because it make my nails stronger...and it didn't need any more coats and It dried fast but then i think all Lilypad Lacquers dry quick, as do most holo polishes all in all i like it.....i have no complaints yet im not screaming from the roof tops with excitment about it.

Do you have this one? do you love it? what are your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.


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