Duri Rejuvacote, Reviewed again and Still love it.

So i have already done a little review on the wonders of Duri Rejuvacote...my thoughts haven't changed, I'm still a lover of this stuff, and here is why....

I got my nails to a length I've never had them before Yippee, they were long, and strong, and i took that for granted, i stopped being careful and because i wasn't used to the long length, id miss judge things and keep smashing my nails in to things.

As you can see my luck ran out and i stumbled sleepily and groggy to the loo through night for a tinkle and i reached out to pull the cord to switch the light on in the bath room and smashed my nails in to the door that was open when i went to bed, but somehow was closed when i went to go pee.

It took a bad knock, and it was unfix-able.....id already tea bag fixed my thumb nails 3 days previous cuz i knocked the edge off.

But please follow my 4 week journey to get my nails long again so below if the length they were and and broken nails, i decided to just file them all down ans start again.

So here they are, filed down ready to start again, I'm not to great at filing my nails when short, i over file and end up with a weird shape......

Below is one week after....already a lot of growth

Then this is week 2 or regrowth, they got long enough for me to shape them as i like then with a square tip.

Then BAZINGGA 4 weeks later they are a back to there long Strong self, and i did a simple french tip which i have not done in like for ever.......so judge for your self.....is the hype justified....HELL YEAH it is.

I no longer worry about if i break a nail as much as i used to, because i know in 4 weeks they will be back as long as ever.

Verbana range from L’Occitane en Provence

Well today's post was awesome....i received my winning gift from New With Hashtags 25,000 page Giveaway....First of all Thank you so much for this lovely give away gift, i was so excited to of won this, I'm always drooling over the L'Occitane web site...

I won some lovely products from the Verbana range from L’Occitane en Provence, and let me tell you, i cant wait to test these out..everything has a citrus smell and so right for summer....

Everything arrived in this L’Occitane en Provence Travel Bag Perfect size to throw in your hand bag.

75ml Verbena Shower Gel & 75ml Verbena Body Lotion

30ml Citrus Verbena Shampoo & 30ml Citrus Verbena Conditioner

10ml Verbena Hand Cream & 8ml Ultra Rich Body Cream
20ml Verbena Eau de Toilette

 Kath even adding lots of Extra samples to try...and also added a Mascara id commented on on her page so that was sweet of her...

This is the full  shot of all the goodies i got...

New With Hashtags is a review site, aiming to bring you honest and reliable opinions on popular products......Please take a minute to pop over to Kaths Blog and check out the awesome reviews she gives, i know il be a regular over there