Zebra Stipes Nail Wraps

When ever i go food shopping on the way home from my parents i always pick up a pack of Nails wrap by George in ASDA, they are £4 - £4.50 a pack and i like to add them as "Extras" in swaps i do, I've collected quite a pile and even though i think they have awesome designs, I've only ever tried them once and i thought i made a mess of them so never used them again.

I received a awesome pack of SEPHORA Nail Bling (Snakeskin) wraps in a swap with my friend Kate, they where a little  more expensive then the ones i get and i REALLY want to wear them for Christmas, but was worried id mess up and waste them.

So iv been practising with the cheaper ones i pick up......how ever saying that i love how these look and will be wearing more of them.....this might be bad news for the ladies i swap with because now i want to use them all and wont have any for Extras Hehehehe, only kidding ladies.

I'm not there yet as fair as being professional at putting them on but with more practise i will get better, i hope.

HERE are some of the other designs.....i have others but yet to add them

Sinful Colors - Winterberry

So I'm trying really hard to get through my "un tried" Sinful Colors, and for some reason i always passed this one by? now I'm kinda asking my self why because i LOVE it, i couldnt capture the true colour, it looks like a dark Mauve here but in true life its more a chocolate, moncha shimmer shade.

I tried to make sure i used a good base so i used Seche Ridge filler/Base and then i applied 2 layers of the Winterberry and then a applied 2 good think layers of Seche to coat so I'm hoping it lats well because Sinful colors chips easy on me and i really want this one to last a few days because i like it so much.

Jade - Delirio Rosa

This was my first Jade polish, It was sent as a gift from my friend Rachel over at Cherry Glam Girl, I'm not a huge pink person but if i do take a liking to anything pink then its normally a Bubble Gum pink, which id describe this polish as, its such a pretty polish and most deffo a Girly colour.

At first in the bottle i though oh this is a good alternative to Ozotics 616 but then once i got it on i changed my mind because it was SO pink, like a WOW pink, its different from any pink i own and the Holo makes it even more special, but then again holo in any polish is pretty cool lol

A great formula like most Brazil brands and lasts well, if you can get your hands on any of the Jades id go for it.

China Glaze - Limbo Bimbo

Id was just generally looking on google at China Glaze polish when i came across this one, now pink isn't my number one love and go to polish but this stuck out and for some reason i had to have it.....I asked in my polish groups and no one seemed to have it, so i added it to my "Wish list".

My friend Rachel pm'ed me to tell me she found it cheap on ebay and had bought it for me as a gift, i was super excited and couldn't wait for it to arrive, and when it did i loved in in the bottle and on my swatch wheel, but not on me :(

I can normally wear anything, I'm not a person who has to match polish to their skin tone, if i like it, then i wear it despite the fact i might not suit it, but once i painted my nails with it, i hated it, it just didn't tickle my fancy lol, although others said it looks nice on me, i just couldn't love it :( i dunno, maybe its my super pale skin, if i had a darker skin id of loved it.

China Glaze Tronica Lazar Lime

I wore this SO long ago so this is a another late Blog post where i have shorter nails then i have now.
China Glaze Tronicas are awesome, i wish i could get them all but IL have to settle for the ones i have, I'm not a green fan especially a lime green BUT i love this, i think its the scattered holo that i love, if it has been a normal Lime polish id never of worn it.

The only problem i have with the Tronicas is they dry SO fast that you have to work fast in order not to get bald spots, but if you apply a your layers thin and wait for it to dry fully before moving on to your next layer you should be OK.

Cathrine Arley 668

This is a really late Blog post, i wore this polish a while ago but forgot i had it saved in my draft's so my nails are so much longer now.....

Out of all the CA polish i have this is my fave, i had wanted opi ds Classic for ever, and when i tried to bid on ebay i always got out bid and it went for more then id ever pay for 1 polish.....so when i seen this i thought it looks like it and bought it....Its slightly lighter but it satisfied my Ds Classic need and i needed it less then i had.

Like ALL Catherine Arley polish it went on like a dream so easy, it took 2 coats, but the polish has such a great shine to it, its a scattered Holo effect, deffo not in your face but so pretty, a kind of Latte/beigh colour and one for all occasions i think.

Some swatches that i have seen of this differ, some look like it has more holo in it, but id say these photos are true to life, if you want a little more holo i guess you could add a SF top coat but i love it as it is.

I wore this a long time ago but writing this i think its time to bring it out again lol

W7 - Lava Flow

This is the 2nd polish from the new Summer collection by W7, the formula was the same as the Salt n Pepper one i got and i really do like them, i was expecting the Salt n pepper to be hard to remove but it came of really easy so i expect this one will to.

The Blue glitter seems to be a matter Glitter but the red has a slight sparkle to it, combined with the white background it makes the glitter really pop.

For some reason when i see polish like this it reminds me of the "Indies" people make, when i first got them i though hmmm i might need to do a layer of a white polish and layer this on top, but i didn't, 2 because coats and this was opaque enough to do well on its own, which surprised me, because looking at it, its a milky white rather then a solid white.

For £1.99 id recommend you buy the, Fashionable nails on an Economy budget lol

W7 - Salt n Pepper

After seeing a few samples of this on another blog, i thought id try it out, not I'm not normally in to the gritty glitter type polish but they are getting more and more popular and i guess i need to move with the times and Fashion lol

This is W7 Salt n Pepper, its a white base packed with a matte looking glitter, some people are describing it as a black Matte Glitter but to me it looks Blue, a very dark blue, but either way its a great polish and goes on good, i only needed 2 coats and it dried pretty fast, although i noticed i did need to add a few dabs here and there to fill in some bald spots.

You can feel the gritty bits ..so after applying and letting it dry, i applied a clear polish top coat before applying my usual thick layer of Seche Vite. which seemed to do the tick an it was smooth as glass.

So over all thoughts...............I love it, I'm not looking forward to removing it lol but i look forward to trying the others from the W7 summer collection.

Cathrine Arley 672

Out of all my Cathrine Arley polish, i think this is the one i dislike the most, i don't know why though lol, i guess its because it looks less pink then i expected, but like all CA polish, its a great formula, i cant complain how it goes on and it dried in a decent time and super glossy, there is no need to add a top coat for shine but out of habit i always do lol

So this is a short Blog post as i haven't got that much to say about it really.

Color Club - Magic Attraction

Its been a while since i done a Blog post, mainly because i wasn't happy with my nails, after they broke it took some time for them to grow back to a decent length  was happy with...

I bough this of ebay, not sure why because id never seen it or had it on my wish list, i was just browsing and came across it and it had no bids so had a go and i won it, yey for me.

Those who know me know i hate glitter, well no not hate, but i cant be on with taking it off, it just doesn't appeal to me lol, so i stay away form them.

Magic Attraction is more a glitter to be put on top of another polish, its a gritty glitter but i put on 3 layers to fill out the gaps, its easy to work with and went on well and neatly, it dried fast with an almost matter finish, but the grittiness of it meant i had to put a few top coats on to make it smooth but i like it.

Just not looking forward to taking it of hehehehe

Spa-Ritual - Foxy Lady

I know il probably regret trying to find Nail Polish with my name on it or related to something close to me, but its so much fun when you do come across something and you just have yo get it lol

As some of you know already, my name is Kellie Fox, so I've grown up being called a few nick names, such as, "Foxy - Foxy Lady - Vixen and Young Foxy.

SO My First obsession was China Glaze "Foxy" which kindly got sent to me in a Surprise package, then after i joined a discussion about Spa-Ritual, i thought id see what there was on Ebay, and as soon as i seen this i KNEW it was for me lol, i don't care for the colour, its a little to pinkish for me, but i don't care, i wanted it for the name....and every time i see it i smile. lol


Hits No Olimpo - Zeus

I was recently hooked up with a Brazil gal for a swap, (Thank you Samantha and Dayane) i choose to get some of the Hits Holo polish and im so glad i did although at firt I was a little disapointed at the size, my reaction was "ohhhh ermmm yeah ok" i thought they were bigger then that, id never questioned the size because photos made them look taller, but wow the power those little bottles have are awesome, I got No Olimpo Zeus, No Olimpo Hera, No Olimpo Apolo and Mari Moon - Unconventional.

The one im wearing is Zeus, i love dark grays and this is no let down, the polish is the best formula i think ive ever used, and im not exaggerating, its perfect,it went on like a dream, although i needed 3 layers each layer went on as well as the last, i think it made my nails look pretty, its such a easy polish to work with, and my only regret is i didn't get  more, but hopefully i can do another swap and add to my collection.

Everyone i spoke to about this polish told me it was long wearing, i tend to pick at things and i tend to get Tip wear after 24 hours with the best of polish, how ever the below photos is 5 days of wear, and its perfect, no tip wear and i mean none, so this has to be a first for me, i haven't done anything different then i normally do, in fact, i have a heat lump on my ankle and I've been itching it like mad yet no tip wear, i think that's fab.

you would think id just applied it from this photo, not a 5 days after pic.

My Cathrine Arley 668 - 805 - 670 - 672

After reading some good things about Cathrine Arley Nail Polish i thought id try it for myself, i found a site called Beauty Cosmetics, its a Bulgarian site and pretty great prices......Id read a few reviews saying they didn't send the polish very securely, so i was worried about that but i took a chance and didn't go crazy, i ordered 4 bottles and if they arrived safely then i thought id go ahead and order order more....

My package took 3 weeks to get here from Bulgarian to the UK, i don't know if that's good or not? my package had to be sighed for, and considering i paid 6 Euro's i thought that wasn't bad, they came in a Cathrine Arley box, which was inside a more sturdy box and each bottle was bubbled wrapped.

I'm surprised i got it, as the box was clearly marked "Nail Polish" ?? but I'm glad i did...Its a wonderful polish, and i was pleased that the others i wanted were not out of stock and i was able to order them, they haven't arrived yet but I'm excited to get them.

China Glaze - Tronica Digital Dawn

I'm slowly building up my China Glaze Trinicas (Thank you Samina) today's is Digital Dawn from the 2011 China Glaze Tronica Collection, i couldn't figure out what colour id like to say this is? Rusty copperish brown and a Dusky rose? what do you thing how would you describe the shade of this one? one thing i do know its identical to China Glaze 3d Fantasy, China Glaze TMI and maybe Sally Hansen Diamonds Golden Tourmaline but maybe that's a little more pink.

As with all the Tronicas i have they always go on patchy, it dries so fast you have to work fast, if you manage it you can get away with one layer, but i had to do 3 to even out the balding i got, it dries to a powdery finish, and for the FIRST time ever i never added a top coat, i liked the dull almost matte effect i got when it fully dried, i think the fact it dried so fast was why i didn't add my usual top coat of Sech Vite.

With out a top coat it did chip faster then id like, so i filled in the chip and added a top coat after 3 days, when i don't that i felt it dulled the holo effect a little and i found i liked it best with out the shiny look.

This will be a polish i will re use till its gone, those that know me know i don't normally do that lol but i have to admin I'm a huge lover of this one.

Urgh i broke my nails :(

I filed my nails down shorter because the sides stared to curl in and no matter what i did i couldn't fix them, i was happy with them once i had then all the same length and cleaned up, they went to long but not to short either, id say perfect and i was so happy i thought i might like to keep them at that length.

How ever Disaster struck and i broke the edge of my pointer finger on my left hand, i though hmmmm not to bad i can deal with that, then 10 minutes later i broke the other side off....i was like WTH, and i couldn't fix it....I have NEVER broken a nail in ohhhhh well over 12 months, so this is what i ended up with.......
See my pointer finger :( now to me it was VERY noticeable, it felt weird to me.

I want happy so i asked the girls in my nail polish group and they suggested filing them all down a little and i got carried away because i couldn't get a shape i was happy with and ended up doing a hack job and this is what I'm left with......Boy hand, I'm so upset, i don't want to paint my nails, i hoe this isn't the end of my obsession.

I know some of you may be saying "but they are not that short" but they look longer in the pic then they are in real life......Any suggestions on how i can grow them faster.....

OPI Designer Series - Shimmer

I got the best nail mail this week, for it being just one bottle it brought so much joy to my life, yeah that's right OPI DS Shimmer (Thank you Jacqueline) this stuff is like happiness in a bottle, it makes everything it touches holo and just delish.

This is 2 coats of DS Shimmer over OPI A Grape fit, i love how it changed the Grape fit from a Medium purple to a Lilac and as we have had a few nice sunny days this week in the UK my Holo had full effect...

Since these photos were took iv drastically files down my nails and looking at these photos I'm glad i did lol

So what do you think? Is Ds Shimmer on your wish list?