China Glaze Tronica Lazar Lime

I wore this SO long ago so this is a another late Blog post where i have shorter nails then i have now.
China Glaze Tronicas are awesome, i wish i could get them all but IL have to settle for the ones i have, I'm not a green fan especially a lime green BUT i love this, i think its the scattered holo that i love, if it has been a normal Lime polish id never of worn it.

The only problem i have with the Tronicas is they dry SO fast that you have to work fast in order not to get bald spots, but if you apply a your layers thin and wait for it to dry fully before moving on to your next layer you should be OK.


  1. Oh my gosh, Its pretty, I want it and I'm totally drooling over it! haha, Beautiful blog I love the theme colors too :)

    Jazz x

  2. hello! i like your blog :)