My Birthday Gifts from Rachel.

It was my Birthday in March, i turned 36 and i didn't celebrate, i didnt get any gifts either :( poor me right lol, but my awesome friend Rachel of CherryGlamGirl Blog wouldn't let me pass it by with out me getting a gift, so she put this amazing package together for me and i only received it a few days ago.

It sometimes confuses me as to what ive done to of found this amazing women and that she care and loves me enough to make my Birthday special even when my family didnt.

I want to Thank Rachel by doing this Blog post and showing off what she sent to me, So Thank you Rachel, i love you so much, and i mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Lilypad Lacquer Too much excitment, Velvetten - Wild at heart
Chilality Counter Intuitive and Soska

 Sinfulshine - Pragmatic, At Sea.
 L.A Girl Rock Star - Live on stage - Overdose - Punk - Double Platinum - Groupie.

Lilypad Lacquer - Velveteen

Oh my golly gosh.....excuse me while i come around from my HOLO coma......

OK so lets start with how Lilypad Lacquer is an Australian brand made by the oh so talented Nicole, her polish is 3 free and id say she is the queen of holo polish....

Lilypad Lacquer has been getting more and more popular and i totally understand why, the formula is one of the best out there for Holo polish, i find most Holos to go on patchy, well it does for me, but not this one, it went on so easy i could of done it blind folded, the polish glides on like a dream, dries in a good time and only takes 2 coats, right from coat 1 you can see how intense the effect is.

Its not like me to over excite a polish but Lilypad Lacquer is something special, Velvetten to me looked like a brownish Mauve in the bottle but on my nails it was more a Mauve but then WAP POW in sunlight, or a flash from a camera and it comes alive like a fat kid eating cake hehehe the purple pops more and the holo is just out of this world awesome.

This is my fave thing to say but i only pull it out for something special and this hits that spot so here ya go......This polish is "Super Sonic Lazar Beam Awesome" and yes you can quote me on that.

I want to give a huge Thank you to my bestie Rachel of CherryGlamGirl Blog for sending me this, you are a special kind of lady xxx

Check out more Lilypads on Nicoles pages - Etsy - Facebook