Avon - Star Dust - Teal Glitter and Polished Plum

As always with Avon in the UK they seem to be behind in the release of any new nail polish line they have, i had seen other ladies from the USA comment about the Star Dust textured Avon had and at the time i remember being upset because i was super in to the Textured polishes, of course the awesome ladies offered to help me out but it was going to be to much for my budget to post them, so i forgot about them for a while.

Then my lovely Avon girl Charlotte dropped off my order with a new book and to my surprise the Star Dust polishes was in it and even better half price, the colours and names seem to differ from the US ones and the bottle shape to, but i bought all of them.

So first let me same the bottle shape is so cute, and the actual formula is out of this world lol considering they are called Stardust i thought that was worth a giggle....No???? OK IL stop trying to be funny.

Ive always found textured polish to go on so easy i can paint my nails and not have any clean up or shaping around my cuticles.......it would of be fine with just 1 coat, it drys so fast and evenly and to a matte finish but still got sparkle....It contain different sizes of glitter and does have that gritty feel but i mean of course it does, its a textured finish......i get a little annoyed with gritty polish cuz sometimes i snag it on clothing, so i applied one coat of seche vite just to take that sharpness off it...

I was surprised at the staying power, i wore this mani for about 2 weeks with hardly any chipping, but the great thing about textured polish is, its so easy to patch over with out leaving any trace you patched it.

Enchanted - Hot Chocolate

I'm such a fan of chocolate coloured polish, especially Holographic polish, so when i got this as a Thank you from a lady called Hana, i was so excited to try it, but for some reason it got lost amongst my polishes and i forgot about it until i was thinking of purchasing a Lilypad Lacquersof the same colour.

The formula of Hot Chocolate was really great eve though id had it a long time....i always expect the formula to change after a while, but this just shows how well made it was because application was smooth and easy! I used 2 coats for full opacity,

Aengland - Tristam

This is a beautiful nail polish. It's a dark blue/purple holographic polish yes i know it looks royal blue, but depending on the way the light catches it can look dark purple, Tristam is from a-england’s maiden collection, and it is highly saturated in colour so i think some miht get away with just one coat, as with all a-england polish it went on well, pretty quick drying time, and dries with a high glossy shine.

I know this is one of their older polishes, and i have had it for almost 2 years now yet never got around to wearing, for which im mentally slapping myself, but i think no matterhow old this polish gets, its always going to be a all round stunner.

If you are interested in trying it, a-England is an indy brand from England who frequently offers worldwide shipping after they found a way to ship internationally after Royal mail clamped down on the postage of polish out of the UK and if you ever need to ask anything then Adina is a sweet lady who will try to help you how ever she can,

a-england  - Facebook

Jade - Fascinio Viola

Revisit....I've worn this before but revisiting it again cuz its so freaking pretty and i hated my nails and didn't have a blog to blog about it lol

Jade - Fascinio Viola  so easy to apply, you don't need any special base which some intense Holo polishes require and there is no issues like dulling when you use fast drying top coats.

As with all Jade, the formula is perfect, although Fascino Viola is a little sheer and depending on how you like your polish i would say 3 coats is best, but 2 is good to if you don't want to over load polish on your nails.

There was no bald patches, and it just is a really amazing polish to apply and wear, Jade Holo polish to me personally is olne of the strongest Holo effects out there, you might disagree? but to me it is.

Catrice - Dirty Berry

 Catrice Dirty Berry has to be the prettiest purple I've seen or own, its a kind of lilac/lavender with tint silver sparkly particles to it, dare i say kind of holo, well yeah in the right light, but it looks great no matter what light its in.

It went on just perfect, oh i do like a polish that does that, the formula is lush the brush perfect it dried super fast with out a top coat and i cant find one thing to complain about and well that's not like me lol, its just a perfect polish, no wonder its Catrices best seller