Avon - Star Dust - Teal Glitter and Polished Plum

As always with Avon in the UK they seem to be behind in the release of any new nail polish line they have, i had seen other ladies from the USA comment about the Star Dust textured Avon had and at the time i remember being upset because i was super in to the Textured polishes, of course the awesome ladies offered to help me out but it was going to be to much for my budget to post them, so i forgot about them for a while.

Then my lovely Avon girl Charlotte dropped off my order with a new book and to my surprise the Star Dust polishes was in it and even better half price, the colours and names seem to differ from the US ones and the bottle shape to, but i bought all of them.

So first let me same the bottle shape is so cute, and the actual formula is out of this world lol considering they are called Stardust i thought that was worth a giggle....No???? OK IL stop trying to be funny.

Ive always found textured polish to go on so easy i can paint my nails and not have any clean up or shaping around my cuticles.......it would of be fine with just 1 coat, it drys so fast and evenly and to a matte finish but still got sparkle....It contain different sizes of glitter and does have that gritty feel but i mean of course it does, its a textured finish......i get a little annoyed with gritty polish cuz sometimes i snag it on clothing, so i applied one coat of seche vite just to take that sharpness off it...

I was surprised at the staying power, i wore this mani for about 2 weeks with hardly any chipping, but the great thing about textured polish is, its so easy to patch over with out leaving any trace you patched it.

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  1. That is beautiful!!
    I wish I could mail you polishes!! I would send you so many Avon ones!! ♥