BarryM Textured Polish - Lady

Ive been seeing lots of photos on Facebook of the BarryM Textured polish, and as i seem to be "into" textured polish at this time, i had to go buy me some, when i say some, i mean all of them of course lol

This is one is "Lady" from BarryM Autumn.Winter collection, with Royal themed names, they are a Textured/Glitter effect and so easy to use and work with, ive been excited to have a white Textured polish, and i LOVE this one.

From other reviews i read, many said it only took 2 layers, but it just didn't seem enough to me, so i layered it over a white polish, as you can see from the close up there is pretty blue flash through it, and personally i feel this is a perfect Christmas polish, as it reminds me of fine snow.

NYC Pinstrip White and BarryM Ruby Glitter

So after searching for swatches of the Barrym Glitters from the Jewel Collection... i just didn't like the look of this, many people had been putting it over black or using it on its own and it just didn't look nice to me, especially when used alone, it looked messy, then i came across a swatch over white and the rest as they say was history, i had to have it lol.

Ruby Glitter is a Clear base polish with small and large glitter in black and i wanna say Fuscia ?? but maybe a hot pink is best to describe it.

I didn't find it hard to apply, the glitter did spread out easily, but as with most glitter i tent do Dab it on rather then apply like you would a normal polish, it didn't dry as gritty as i expected and one coat of my fave top coat Seche left it smooth to the touch.

Jesses's Girl Hot Cinnamon

Hot Cinnamon is from the Jesse's Girl Julie G Gumdrops collections, the polish is a textured polish with a sparkle to it, now if you haven't tried Textured polish, let me tell you it apply very different from regular polish, to me it goes on SO easier, but that's just my option...but this went on like a dream, i had no mess and no clean up and it drys SUPER fast,the formula is just  perfect, its not runny bu not a thick polish, its just so easy to work left no patches like some Textured polish.

I'm not normally a red polish person, it has to be pretty special for me to wear it, and this is one of those special reds....its not a in your face red, which was why i liked it,Its described as a "Hot Red" with a glitter finish.

From what i have seen this is a True Dupe for Zoya say this is a substitute.

November 2013 Haul

It has been SO long since i done a polish haul, mainly because a lady in a group i was in posted saying how tired she was of seeing blog posts on hauls, so it stopped me doing any more after that, but then i thought, why should i stop showing off what i get just cuz she doesn't like it so here is my first Polish haul post in a long time...

I don't go in to town often anymore, I'm not sure why, laziness perhaps, the weather plays a big pat in it to and well I'm an anxious person so feel quite anxious going in to town on my own.....but i was bored today so off i popped and done a little retail therapy, this is what i came back with.

L-R..BarryM Textures - Duchess - Majesty -Countess - Lady

 GOSH Girls on Film - Maybelline - Winter Baby & Woven Skyline

 Bourjois - Ghost Lover - Enchanted Potion - Dangerous Wish

 Misc - Revlon - Girly, L'oreal Confettis - MUA All Nude
BarryM Sequin Effect - White and Pink

MUA - One Dierection Little thing's L-R
Pop star purple Louis - Fuchsia frenzy Harry - Raspberry rush Zayn - Gold & Gorgeous Nail - Everything Emerald Liam

I already have a few of these, but i got the full set for my Nieces Birthday, (she will be 8) she is a big 1D fan, so i hope she likes them.

And that's all folks, well for Polish anyway, i did by lots of Makeup to...but Shhhhhhhh you didn't hear that from me lol