NYC Pinstrip White and BarryM Ruby Glitter

So after searching for swatches of the Barrym Glitters from the Jewel Collection... i just didn't like the look of this, many people had been putting it over black or using it on its own and it just didn't look nice to me, especially when used alone, it looked messy, then i came across a swatch over white and the rest as they say was history, i had to have it lol.

Ruby Glitter is a Clear base polish with small and large glitter in black and i wanna say Fuscia ?? but maybe a hot pink is best to describe it.

I didn't find it hard to apply, the glitter did spread out easily, but as with most glitter i tent do Dab it on rather then apply like you would a normal polish, it didn't dry as gritty as i expected and one coat of my fave top coat Seche left it smooth to the touch.

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  1. This is cute! i hadn't even seen this Barry M before!