BarryM Textured Polish - Lady

Ive been seeing lots of photos on Facebook of the BarryM Textured polish, and as i seem to be "into" textured polish at this time, i had to go buy me some, when i say some, i mean all of them of course lol

This is one is "Lady" from BarryM Autumn.Winter collection, with Royal themed names, they are a Textured/Glitter effect and so easy to use and work with, ive been excited to have a white Textured polish, and i LOVE this one.

From other reviews i read, many said it only took 2 layers, but it just didn't seem enough to me, so i layered it over a white polish, as you can see from the close up there is pretty blue flash through it, and personally i feel this is a perfect Christmas polish, as it reminds me of fine snow.

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