Rimmel Space Dust - Moon Walking

Rimmel seem to be on the ball with whats hot in the polish world, normally it takes them a while to catch on and the fad has past by the time they bring out a new collections.

How ever they has impressed me with the new "Space Dust" collection, there is 5 colours in total, i do believe they are called ...Aurora, Luna Love, Shooting Stars, Total Eclipse and the one I'm wearing below is Moon Walking.....

I wasn't able to buy them all because there was only a few on sale in Asda (Walmart) where i came across them for £3.99 a bottle.......At first i thought they would just be like their "Precious Stones" polish, but how wrong i was.

Moon Walking is a really pretty purple I've seen other say its Lilac but I'm not on board with that lol, I'm gonna go for Lavender with little round and hexagon shaped gritty glitter, and I'm in love with Textured polish and well this is no different, i love it, as with all textured polish you don't get a smooth finish, so if you are like me get annoyed unless your polish is smooth as a babies but then you can top coat it and it still looks awesome.....

I choose to leave it as it was and after a while i got used to the feeling.....I wore this for 5 days with out any visible chipping or tip wear....but like all Textured polish i find its so easy to refill any chips, the texture in it really helps hide them, also it does on so easy and looks pretty sweet i think.

I cant wait to try the others, i hope they do get all the colours in Asda, if not i will have to venture in to town and get them.

So have you tried them? what do you think? and what is your favourite shade?


  1. Gorgeous!! You have such pretty nails Kellie!

    1. Thank you....i dont have noce nails anymore....ive gone back to biting them and they are so short now i look like i have man hands :( ive been a little stressed of late though and im biting them to the point of bleeding.