OPI Nicole - Virtuous Violet

I got this polish from the sweet Shainia of Haute Lacquer Blog a while ago, it was the first swap we did together, and have swapped since then......

Now IL be honest i wanted it more for the shape of the bottle, but when i got it, it didn't tickle my fancy as much as i thought it would, the polish didn't impress me much either, it took 4 layers to get it like it is in the photo, plus it was so hard to photograph because those of you who own OPI Nicole Virtuous Violet  know its much more purple then it is here, the pics show it as a blue but it looks nothing like that on my nails, and i tried every kind of light but i couldn't get it to show true to the shade.

The shiny parts around my fingers and cuticles isn't top coat its Almond Oil lol i don't colour outside the lines that much hehehehe......all in all i hated the application and the way it looked on my nails, how ever looking at the photos it looks quite impressive...i didn't wear it long so i cant tell you how it wore.....but with 4 layers on i assume it would of  lasted well......

If your looking for a cheaper alternative to this then id go for Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear in Deep Purple, or even Purple Pulse from ally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.

With Camera Flash


More Goodies from Avon.

More from Avon, i mean i might as well stock up while their sales, my neighbour has bought a few bottles

From their "Arabian Glow Collection"
"Electric Green" Im not in to green much but was hoping it would be a good stamping polish.

From Their Color Trend Collection" i got Freezing and Surf.

From the "Nail Expert Collection" i got a Mineral Fix and Lemon Fortifier, the Mineral fix is said to make your nails feel stronger from the first use, so il let you know how that works out when i try it.

OCAM - Teal Toes

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month although its March for us in the UK, i don't see any reason to to spread awareness in any month, So when i heard the mention of "Teal Toes" i had to get involved, not because it was nail polish related but because this is a cause dear to my heart.

A lady i got to know called Dodie has beaten Ovarian Cancer not just once but twice, she kicked its ass and I'm happy to say she is doing well, unfortunately a friend of mine got the news her Daughter Steph had Ovarian Cancer and as i type she is fighting hard to win her battle.

Also I'm a sufferer of PCOS (Polycyclic ovary syndrome) which is a condition that affects women's hormones and comes with a lot of other symptoms, one is poisonous cysts that cover your ovaries which can easily turn cancerous, so i have a swear every 3 months where as other will have them every so many years.

I would like to take a minute to thank Erika from Polish Fixation  for her lovely gesture of adding a 3rd winner to her Teal Toes Giveaway i was so pleased when she contacted me to let me know she would be sending me a bottle of  Don't Teal my heard away from Diamond Cosmetics who had paired up with the site Teal Toes to help spread awesomeness..........to check what symptoms to look out for please check HERE

Here are my photos....i found it really hard to photograph my Toes lol....so i mainly focused on my finger nails but here is my contribution to the cause.

For more information and resources on ovarian cancer awareness,  please visit  Teal Toes !

Essence - Bella & Edward Twins

I Got the Lovely Ruth Gistelinck from one of my Polish groups to get me the Essence Twins Bella and Edward, One of the good things is you dont have to buy them as a pair, they sell them separate which i liked but id seen it doing the rounds and i wanted to try it because i hadn't read one bad thing about it, now as a lot of you ladies I'm a HUGE Twilight fan so even if i hadn't like this id still want it to add to my collection.

  I was totally blown away with how good the base polish Bella was, omg i just wasn't expecting it to go on so easy, id cleared some time to sit and do my nails and i think this nail Varnish change was the fasted I've ever done, its deffo a one coater and out the door polish, i just couldn't stop raving on about it to anyone who would listen lol and i was so excited to get the sparkle on i forgot to take photos of the Bella on my nails with out the sparkle.

The sparkle top coat, Edward wasn't as easy, i had to kind of dab it on rather then add it in strokes....i had to twirl the brush inside the bottle to make sure i picked up enough of the hexagon shaped glitter to add to my nails but once i got it as i wanted i was in love, i just couldn't stop staring at my nails.

I kept it on over 7 days, on the 4th or 5th day i had to touch it up a little as it had chipped, but other then that its a highly recommended polish to add to your stash, and if all the Essence Twins base colours are as good, then i want them ALL.

August nail mail

I didn't want to post separate messages for each item im got through out August so here it all is..and a huge thank you to all the kind and sweet gals who swapped and aloud to to buy from them xx

Love This nail mail from Wendy Write (Cant wait to try the Barielle Elle's Spell)

 my OPI Bronzed to perfection :(  from Jessica via Wendy lol

More pumpkin spice and Sinful colors....plus my moo coow who i names Legs Eleven.

Sally Hansen and extra goodies.....from Mary Dunphy - Richards

My Hard Candy Beetle from Brie

My amazing Nail polish ring and sweeties from Samina from Sam Nails It

By Stamping plates from Bornpretty.com