OCAM - Teal Toes

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month although its March for us in the UK, i don't see any reason to to spread awareness in any month, So when i heard the mention of "Teal Toes" i had to get involved, not because it was nail polish related but because this is a cause dear to my heart.

A lady i got to know called Dodie has beaten Ovarian Cancer not just once but twice, she kicked its ass and I'm happy to say she is doing well, unfortunately a friend of mine got the news her Daughter Steph had Ovarian Cancer and as i type she is fighting hard to win her battle.

Also I'm a sufferer of PCOS (Polycyclic ovary syndrome) which is a condition that affects women's hormones and comes with a lot of other symptoms, one is poisonous cysts that cover your ovaries which can easily turn cancerous, so i have a swear every 3 months where as other will have them every so many years.

I would like to take a minute to thank Erika from Polish Fixation  for her lovely gesture of adding a 3rd winner to her Teal Toes Giveaway i was so pleased when she contacted me to let me know she would be sending me a bottle of  Don't Teal my heard away from Diamond Cosmetics who had paired up with the site Teal Toes to help spread awesomeness..........to check what symptoms to look out for please check HERE

Here are my photos....i found it really hard to photograph my Toes lol....so i mainly focused on my finger nails but here is my contribution to the cause.

For more information and resources on ovarian cancer awareness,  please visit  Teal Toes !


  1. It looks beautiful on you! I am glad I was able to help you get this polish *hugs*

  2. Sorry that you suffer from PCOS. I've never heard of it, but wish you well. I too won this color from Erika, and was glad to read that she included you as well. It looks good on you.

  3. Your toes look so pretty in teal,and your mani is perfection! Congrats on your win!