Jesses's Girl Hot Cinnamon

Hot Cinnamon is from the Jesse's Girl Julie G Gumdrops collections, the polish is a textured polish with a sparkle to it, now if you haven't tried Textured polish, let me tell you it apply very different from regular polish, to me it goes on SO easier, but that's just my option...but this went on like a dream, i had no mess and no clean up and it drys SUPER fast,the formula is just  perfect, its not runny bu not a thick polish, its just so easy to work left no patches like some Textured polish.

I'm not normally a red polish person, it has to be pretty special for me to wear it, and this is one of those special reds....its not a in your face red, which was why i liked it,Its described as a "Hot Red" with a glitter finish.

From what i have seen this is a True Dupe for Zoya say this is a substitute.

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