November 2013 Haul

It has been SO long since i done a polish haul, mainly because a lady in a group i was in posted saying how tired she was of seeing blog posts on hauls, so it stopped me doing any more after that, but then i thought, why should i stop showing off what i get just cuz she doesn't like it so here is my first Polish haul post in a long time...

I don't go in to town often anymore, I'm not sure why, laziness perhaps, the weather plays a big pat in it to and well I'm an anxious person so feel quite anxious going in to town on my own.....but i was bored today so off i popped and done a little retail therapy, this is what i came back with.

L-R..BarryM Textures - Duchess - Majesty -Countess - Lady

 GOSH Girls on Film - Maybelline - Winter Baby & Woven Skyline

 Bourjois - Ghost Lover - Enchanted Potion - Dangerous Wish

 Misc - Revlon - Girly, L'oreal Confettis - MUA All Nude
BarryM Sequin Effect - White and Pink

MUA - One Dierection Little thing's L-R
Pop star purple Louis - Fuchsia frenzy Harry - Raspberry rush Zayn - Gold & Gorgeous Nail - Everything Emerald Liam

I already have a few of these, but i got the full set for my Nieces Birthday, (she will be 8) she is a big 1D fan, so i hope she likes them.

And that's all folks, well for Polish anyway, i did by lots of Makeup to...but Shhhhhhhh you didn't hear that from me lol

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