Jade - Fascinio Viola

Revisit....I've worn this before but revisiting it again cuz its so freaking pretty and i hated my nails and didn't have a blog to blog about it lol

Jade - Fascinio Viola  so easy to apply, you don't need any special base which some intense Holo polishes require and there is no issues like dulling when you use fast drying top coats.

As with all Jade, the formula is perfect, although Fascino Viola is a little sheer and depending on how you like your polish i would say 3 coats is best, but 2 is good to if you don't want to over load polish on your nails.

There was no bald patches, and it just is a really amazing polish to apply and wear, Jade Holo polish to me personally is olne of the strongest Holo effects out there, you might disagree? but to me it is.

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