W7 - Lava Flow

This is the 2nd polish from the new Summer collection by W7, the formula was the same as the Salt n Pepper one i got and i really do like them, i was expecting the Salt n pepper to be hard to remove but it came of really easy so i expect this one will to.

The Blue glitter seems to be a matter Glitter but the red has a slight sparkle to it, combined with the white background it makes the glitter really pop.

For some reason when i see polish like this it reminds me of the "Indies" people make, when i first got them i though hmmm i might need to do a layer of a white polish and layer this on top, but i didn't, 2 because coats and this was opaque enough to do well on its own, which surprised me, because looking at it, its a milky white rather then a solid white.

For £1.99 id recommend you buy the, Fashionable nails on an Economy budget lol


  1. That polish is FIRE! you hear me!!

  2. Love this polish, really cute!
    Rock Ur Nails!

  3. Aargh I can't find these anywhere!! I can't believe you didn't have to use a basecoat, makes me love them even more :)

    1. I didn't have to use a base coat, i thought i miht have to but turned out it was fine with out......where you from? i have 2 spare bottle of this is ya want one.

    2. I just got your comment, can you e-mail me on shannairl1983@hotmail.com or get me on twitter @shannairl? I can help with lemmings :)

  4. This looks fabulous on you, I can't believe you didn't have to layer it, that is awesome! I love these so much...I wish we could get them here.

  5. I have been looking everywhere for these. Where did you get them from?