W7 - Salt n Pepper

After seeing a few samples of this on another blog, i thought id try it out, not I'm not normally in to the gritty glitter type polish but they are getting more and more popular and i guess i need to move with the times and Fashion lol

This is W7 Salt n Pepper, its a white base packed with a matte looking glitter, some people are describing it as a black Matte Glitter but to me it looks Blue, a very dark blue, but either way its a great polish and goes on good, i only needed 2 coats and it dried pretty fast, although i noticed i did need to add a few dabs here and there to fill in some bald spots.

You can feel the gritty bits ..so after applying and letting it dry, i applied a clear polish top coat before applying my usual thick layer of Seche Vite. which seemed to do the tick an it was smooth as glass.

So over all thoughts...............I love it, I'm not looking forward to removing it lol but i look forward to trying the others from the W7 summer collection.


  1. Love this! I bet it's hard to remove though!

  2. I have Lava Flow, great polishes for the money x

  3. I just swstched lava flow. They look like sprinkles on the nails :)

  4. I love it, I love how they're so much like the Nails Inc ones but less ridiculously priced. Wish we could get them properly here, we just get the boring ones!

    1. I have the Nails inc Sprinkles and i think they are very much different...i actually like the W7 ones better....

  5. I like this one and mosaic best :)

  6. Yeah i like it too....i got that one today.