Spa-Ritual - Foxy Lady

I know il probably regret trying to find Nail Polish with my name on it or related to something close to me, but its so much fun when you do come across something and you just have yo get it lol

As some of you know already, my name is Kellie Fox, so I've grown up being called a few nick names, such as, "Foxy - Foxy Lady - Vixen and Young Foxy.

SO My First obsession was China Glaze "Foxy" which kindly got sent to me in a Surprise package, then after i joined a discussion about Spa-Ritual, i thought id see what there was on Ebay, and as soon as i seen this i KNEW it was for me lol, i don't care for the colour, its a little to pinkish for me, but i don't care, i wanted it for the name....and every time i see it i smile. lol



  1. I totally get it. I got Zoya Lola for the name, and even though I hate the color, I love it because of the name. :)

    I'd love to see a swatch of this, though!

  2. This is so cute! I do that too - I have never found a polish with my name on it though, but I almost bought Zoya Stephanie just because it's my sister's name!