Color Club - Magic Attraction

Its been a while since i done a Blog post, mainly because i wasn't happy with my nails, after they broke it took some time for them to grow back to a decent length  was happy with...

I bough this of ebay, not sure why because id never seen it or had it on my wish list, i was just browsing and came across it and it had no bids so had a go and i won it, yey for me.

Those who know me know i hate glitter, well no not hate, but i cant be on with taking it off, it just doesn't appeal to me lol, so i stay away form them.

Magic Attraction is more a glitter to be put on top of another polish, its a gritty glitter but i put on 3 layers to fill out the gaps, its easy to work with and went on well and neatly, it dried fast with an almost matter finish, but the grittiness of it meant i had to put a few top coats on to make it smooth but i like it.

Just not looking forward to taking it of hehehehe


  1. OMG, this is gorgeous! I wish I lived in the US #wantsobad! xx

    1. Just realised you're British! I need to find this! xx

    2. Yeah im in the UK, i bought this off Ebay.

  2. Ooh it's GORGEOUS. Straight onto the wishlist, that one.

  3. Wow this is crazy! Look at that holo glitter!