China Glaze - Tronica Digital Dawn

I'm slowly building up my China Glaze Trinicas (Thank you Samina) today's is Digital Dawn from the 2011 China Glaze Tronica Collection, i couldn't figure out what colour id like to say this is? Rusty copperish brown and a Dusky rose? what do you thing how would you describe the shade of this one? one thing i do know its identical to China Glaze 3d Fantasy, China Glaze TMI and maybe Sally Hansen Diamonds Golden Tourmaline but maybe that's a little more pink.

As with all the Tronicas i have they always go on patchy, it dries so fast you have to work fast, if you manage it you can get away with one layer, but i had to do 3 to even out the balding i got, it dries to a powdery finish, and for the FIRST time ever i never added a top coat, i liked the dull almost matte effect i got when it fully dried, i think the fact it dried so fast was why i didn't add my usual top coat of Sech Vite.

With out a top coat it did chip faster then id like, so i filled in the chip and added a top coat after 3 days, when i don't that i felt it dulled the holo effect a little and i found i liked it best with out the shiny look.

This will be a polish i will re use till its gone, those that know me know i don't normally do that lol but i have to admin I'm a huge lover of this one.


  1. i didn't grab this nail polish when it came out , now im regretting it! i want it , looks awesome on you :)

    PS. i think you had a mini typo-o this collection is 2011 not 2001 :)

    1. Ooooopppps yup im the Typo queen lol il amend that thank you xx

  2. ohh i need this one, i have 4 tronicas and want them all

  3. Lol im the same, i have 4 and want the rest too.

  4. This looks gorgeous! I can totally see why you'd want to finish the bottle.

  5. This is gorgeous! Looks fantastic on you :)

  6. I'm not into this kind of colours but may I say it makes your nails look longer than the nakes pic? That's great. I also have nubbins now and I always try to think of what polishes might do the trick for me!

  7. Im sorry to tell you this was taken before i broke my nails so the polish hasnt made them look longer :(