OPI - A Grape Fit

I was never a huge lover of purple, yet I've found I'm buying and swapping for more purples these days, so maybe my taste is changing, this is OPI A Grape Fit (Thank you Debbie) its a lovely medium purple creme, and i have noooo complaints.

It went on well but i did need 3 coats because its is a little on the shear side but once on it stayed on well, i didn't get my first chip for 4 days and that was my own fault (moving furniture around )  so a thumbs up from me...From all the swatches I've seen it differ in shade, but i guess that's down to the camera and flash, some times it looked a mid purple sometimes lighter or darker but its one of those shades i feel would go with any ones skin tone.

I tell you what i did like though, it came off so easily, one swipe and it was gone, I've never had that with other OPI's before



  1. Looks gorgeous on you! I am currently wearing the Accesorize you sent on my toes!

    1. Thank you Debbie.....Ya know its weird because the shop i got that from doesnt sell it yet when i have a look at the bargain bit there is always a few of that colour in there lol...

  2. Nice shade. Want to have one :)