Urgh i broke my nails :(

I filed my nails down shorter because the sides stared to curl in and no matter what i did i couldn't fix them, i was happy with them once i had then all the same length and cleaned up, they went to long but not to short either, id say perfect and i was so happy i thought i might like to keep them at that length.

How ever Disaster struck and i broke the edge of my pointer finger on my left hand, i though hmmmm not to bad i can deal with that, then 10 minutes later i broke the other side off....i was like WTH, and i couldn't fix it....I have NEVER broken a nail in ohhhhh well over 12 months, so this is what i ended up with.......
See my pointer finger :( now to me it was VERY noticeable, it felt weird to me.

I want happy so i asked the girls in my nail polish group and they suggested filing them all down a little and i got carried away because i couldn't get a shape i was happy with and ended up doing a hack job and this is what I'm left with......Boy hand, I'm so upset, i don't want to paint my nails, i hoe this isn't the end of my obsession.

I know some of you may be saying "but they are not that short" but they look longer in the pic then they are in real life......Any suggestions on how i can grow them faster.....

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  1. I've been using Sally Hansen 'maximum growth' not a miracle growth but it has helped my nails grow abit quicker to me. I break them alot because they are so week :/