Sinful Colors - Winterberry

So I'm trying really hard to get through my "un tried" Sinful Colors, and for some reason i always passed this one by? now I'm kinda asking my self why because i LOVE it, i couldnt capture the true colour, it looks like a dark Mauve here but in true life its more a chocolate, moncha shimmer shade.

I tried to make sure i used a good base so i used Seche Ridge filler/Base and then i applied 2 layers of the Winterberry and then a applied 2 good think layers of Seche to coat so I'm hoping it lats well because Sinful colors chips easy on me and i really want this one to last a few days because i like it so much.


  1. Oh I really love this colour - where do you buy Sinfulcolor from?

    1. I normally get it in swaps, but this one i actually found on a Uk site for £0.99 but its gone up to £1.49

  2. Pretty! It looks great on you. :)

  3. That's really pretty! I have some Sinful Colors I have to try, you've just reminded me x