Duri Rejuvacote, Reviewed again and Still love it.

So i have already done a little review on the wonders of Duri Rejuvacote...my thoughts haven't changed, I'm still a lover of this stuff, and here is why....

I got my nails to a length I've never had them before Yippee, they were long, and strong, and i took that for granted, i stopped being careful and because i wasn't used to the long length, id miss judge things and keep smashing my nails in to things.

As you can see my luck ran out and i stumbled sleepily and groggy to the loo through night for a tinkle and i reached out to pull the cord to switch the light on in the bath room and smashed my nails in to the door that was open when i went to bed, but somehow was closed when i went to go pee.

It took a bad knock, and it was unfix-able.....id already tea bag fixed my thumb nails 3 days previous cuz i knocked the edge off.

But please follow my 4 week journey to get my nails long again so below if the length they were and and broken nails, i decided to just file them all down ans start again.

So here they are, filed down ready to start again, I'm not to great at filing my nails when short, i over file and end up with a weird shape......

Below is one week after....already a lot of growth

Then this is week 2 or regrowth, they got long enough for me to shape them as i like then with a square tip.

Then BAZINGGA 4 weeks later they are a back to there long Strong self, and i did a simple french tip which i have not done in like for ever.......so judge for your self.....is the hype justified....HELL YEAH it is.

I no longer worry about if i break a nail as much as i used to, because i know in 4 weeks they will be back as long as ever.

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