Chirality - Kale

Ive been drooling of this polish for some time, but the weird thing is i don't normally like Greens, but for some reason i loved this one, i mentioned in in "The Polish Swap" group and someone said they  had it and they didn't like it so if i wanted it, then it was mine, she kindly sent it to me for free, So Thank you Amy, i appreciate you doing that for me.

Kale is a Military green, a dark green packed with holo, but not to much, as always i tend to go for the more Scattered Holo which Kale is, i didn't know until i joined Chirality Face book page that all her polishes are B3Free and cruelty free, so that's a great plus.

I had major problems opening the bottle, Amy assured me it was new and unused, it took a few failed attempted to open it, and after a few more goes we took a pair of grippers to it and got it open lol

It was also very thick and goopy and no way you could paint it on your nails with out thinning it down so i added 5 drops of Seche Restore shook it with every bit of me lol then left it to settle over night and BING BANG BOOM it was like new.

So once all that was done, it went on great, and OMG i fell in love with it, so yeah id recommend it, despite the problems i had, which we think was due sitting unused a while before i got it.

To check out her Polish you can visit her on line store  "Chirality Nail Polish" or check out her Facebook page Here.



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    1. I'm not normally a green lover, but this, I love <3

  2. gorgeous shade!! love the sparkle too. xx