Jesse's Girl JulieG Frosted Gum Drop Rock Candy

I sat and waited and hoped that when Jesse's Girl's Gumdrops was released that id be able to get them Now its no secret to my friends that i LOVE Jesses's Girl, I'm always mentioning it to my mum and she is like "where can i get it? do they sell it I'm Super Drug?" oh BOY i wish they did, but sadly no mother they don't sell in the UK yet....and i say yet cuz i have faith one day they might.....

I have an Angel of a friend in Rachel from CherryGlamGirl.....she is my American address and was sweet enough to let me have them sent to her and then she sent them onto me with a few other items i got.

 The very kind Christine helped me out a while ago and was kind enough to help me get my hand on some of their polish, and i was so thankful to her for doing that.....anyway on to the polish, i know a lot have already blogged about these, but I'm slow and just around to doing my review lol anywhoooooo.....

In the collection you can choose from:

Hot Cinnamon: Hot-red with a glitter finish
Rock Candy: Teal infused with silver glitter
Blueberry Fizz: Berry blue mixed with shiny silver glitter
Crushed Candy: Pure purple with silver sparkle appeal
Sugar Rush: Bright reddish-pink with pops of gold glitter
Tangerine Dream: Citrus orange with specs of sparkle

 The Polish is a textured polish with a sparkle to it, now if you haven't tried Textured polish, let me tell you it apply very different from regular polish, to me it apply's easier, but that's just my option...but this went on like a dream, i had no mess and no clean up and it drys SUPER fast with no patches like some Textured polish.
Christine herself told me to not put a topcoat on and i do believe there is something on their site about getting the best effect by not applying a base or a  top coat, so i did try that, and well OK i know the whole reason to wearing textured polish is to feel the texture, but i cant stand the feel or gritty polish lol, so I'm sorry i HAD to apply a top coat to make it smooth and i have to say other then not feeling the texture there was no difference in how it looked.....But my verdict its a sure fire HIT, love them and cant wait to wear the others i got, but Rock Candy is my fave cuz I'm a teal gal.


Rock Candy
Sugar Rush
Hot Cinnamon
Hot Cinnamon