Rio Professional Nail Art kit

I stopped biting my nails a few months back and they grew pretty long and actually quite decent for the first time ever, I've been taking supplements for hair/skin/nails, so i guess its worked, on my nails anyway, so I've been trying to make my nails look pretty or eye catching, but couldn't afford to buy the special brushes and things etc, so my parents bought me the Rio Professional Nail Art kit in Metallic, now this isn't a review on the product, because I'm very thankful i got it but i do feel its way over prices, my mum paid over £50.00 and that was in the sales over Christmas.

So my view on it is, i like the shades but the actual varnish isn't that great to be honest, it takes so long to dry and once dried it chips off so easy you don't need a remover because you can pick it off with such ease, HOWEVER I've been using the tips and the brushes, with my own nail polish, and following some tutorials on You Tube, although not step by step i went my own way and I'm now hooked so IL be changing my nail design as often as i can but of course il be taking photos of all my designs.


  1. I'm thinking about getting it for a friend? Should I?

    1. yes was a starting point for me when I got an interest in nail art.