OPI Mini

 I dont own any OPI, well ok thats not true, i have 1 bottle that my neighbour gave me when i mentioned id like to try it, but i cant get the lid of because she had it so long its stuck lol, so i never got to use it, i thought id look in Ebay for a cheap bottle...pffftttt no bloody chance, UNTIL what for it, i found one yeahhhhhh i bidded on it for £0.50 and i won it, i checked the mailbox everyday in excitement for my own bottle of OPI, then it came, i took my time to open the package, making me more excited until i got it open and found this below, it was a MINI and its tiny, i wouldnt even think id get my nails done once with it lol........she didnt list it as a Mini, but i guess next time il be more careful and read the full listing next time.


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