Tuff Scent - Water Collection - Mother Nature.

Well its that time again...time for the weird looks because Kellie is standing smelling my fingers again.....and if I'm not smelling them I'm shoving them in other peoples face telling them to smell them to the point I'm becoming annoying, but i cant help myself and its because i have on Tuff Scent - Mother Nature witch a Spearmint scent from The Water Collection.

I've read a few reviews saying its hard to get to grip with the shape of the lid, but i have no problems at all, i find the lid has no control over how i apply the polish and i can paint my nails with it just as good as i can other polish lids........

I like the little sayings on each different bottle, this one says: **Mother Nature - Reminds us to care and give back, change and grow with kindness towards all** ....And i cant agree more.

This beautiful blue is just to lush i say blue but depending on the way you look at it it has hidden colours to it, i personally feel its like a Blue Lagoon look to it, its so pretty, I've already raved on about this polish HERE, and after using it again i still stand by what i said.

It only took 2 coats to get the look i Ike on my nails, the spearmint smell comes through almost straight away...it reminds me of a few things, fresh mint leaves, Tooth paste lol but i asked my Boyfriend Kevin to smell it, as always when i mention Nail Polish his face goes blank and he looses all interest in what i have to say lol, but i managed to pursued him to smell my finger lol, he said to my surprise "ohh that neat" and when iasked him what he could smell he said Chewing gum.

He said it smells like you have been winding chewing gum round your fingers, and i have to agree, it does smell like Spearmint chewing gum, and as i love anything minty i have to say i love this polish both the colour and the smell.

Now Tuff Scent, all you have to do is invent a nail polish that tastes too, that way i can go around both smelling and liking my fingers lol.

If you would like to check this polish out they have many other beautiful collection all with individual scents you can find them at Tuff Scented Nail Polish OR you can check them on on their Face Book page HERE - (if you do let them know Fab-La-Icious nails sent you)




  1. Wow you always look nail polish look so amazing, and what you said about this one makes me want to come smell your fingers too pmsl, great review, it makes me want to go buy some and i think i just might after seeing this one.

  2. Super pretty, i have to agree with Penny, seeing and reading your review makes me want to try this.