Tuff Scented Nail polish - Guardian Angel

A few months back i was lucky enough to win one of the Tuff Scented Nail polish collections......from their face book page and even though they didn't let me choose, i suggested id like the Earth Collection and they said they would see what they could do with a cheeky wink lol

My first delivery didn't arrive, how ever after contacting then they were very helpful and organized for them to be sent to me again....Disaster stuck and when they arrive they smashed all but one bottle, so again i contacted them and they were very and  they agreed to post me out some more, i asked for a different collection The Water Collection and they said no problem....

I'm still waiting for them to arrive, but its been a while now and i have a feeling they are not coming, but i don't want to contact them again and become a pain.....i guess if they don't arrive IL have to put this win down to a loss....but I managed to tip what was left in the bottles in to a couple of empty bottles i had laying around......and here is what i thought of them.

In the bottle you cant smell the scent, it smells like regular nail polish, it has a really long brush which is fine, but after you pull it out the bottle and wipe the excess on the side, the polish that's collected on the top of the stem tend to drip down on to your brush.

My favorite which totally shocked me was "Guardian Angel" a beautiful subtle white/creme colour with the smell of Lily's.....application of this polish is good, the formula is also good, and wow the bottles are so pretty, you can tell a lot of love and though has gone in to the design of both the bottles and the polish, i haven't seen any other bottles like this, which makes is unique, and the little sayings on the bottle are very cute.

As for the scent, well does it really smell of actual lily's...YES it sure does, they say the scent will last 24 hours, but it lasts much longer then that, after 4 days of wear i could still smell a faint waft of Lily's.

Id like to say the $14 a bottle is cheap for this polish, what with the pretty bottle and the scents that work, but i cant.... if i hadn't of won them id never consider buying them at that price...but id is FREE postage so that helps a lot i think.

I have to add....if you do decide to buy this, then be prepaid for a few funny looks through out the day, as i continuously kept smelling my fingers and I'm sure a few people thought i was strange, but you cant help it...

If you would like to check them out and see what other collection they have then please go visit them at their site  Tuff Scent  you can also check them out on their Face-Book page and Twitter 


  1. this looks so beautiful on you !

  2. Awww Thank you Maria, it is a very pretty polish.

  3. OMG Kelly your nails have grown so fast since your last photos, wow girl friend do you sit with your hand in grow bags he he.

    I love the new shape to your, if im right you have gone from rounded to square and it suites you so much.

    The vanish is awesome, you did a great review for them they should send you more to review for them hehehe i loved reading it, and if it makes my nails as pretty as your look with it on then heck $14 is cheap.