Tuesdays Shopping Haul.

As I've been feeling down and sorry for myself lately i went in to town after my Dr's appointment today and used the vouches id been collection for nail polish.....here's what i got today half of it is to be added to my Swap list.....or i might do a Giveaway when i reach 300 followers.

Id initially went to pick up a few BarryM Crackles because they seem to be the best for swapping, but they didn't have any in :(

Below are: GOSH - Ocean - Purple Heart - Gold

Below: BarryM - Blue Moon - Tangerine - Foil - Vivid Purple - Pink Iridescent - Cyan Blue

Below: MeMeMe : Demure - Passionate - Relentless - Enigmatic

Below: NYC - Canal Street - East Village - Sidewalkers

These are new, i havent seen or heard of them before in out shops, but i loved the selection so grabbed a few as they were buy 1 get 1 free....Technic : Khaki - Arctic Ice - Curious Violet - Siona Island

Again a new one i haven't seen or heard of, they only had these 2 left they are pretty and glittery.
BC "Body Collection" : Mint Breeze - Midnight Blue

Again more un heard of brands, lol....not a lot to choose from because like anything new here it gets snapped up pretty fast lol - Famous 9 : Red Shimmer - Dark Chocolate

New in colour, but i didnt see any other then this and these were the only 2 left so i got both,
17 - Sulk

Crackle/Shatter polishes -
Beauty UK - Glam Rock Silver  - Technic - Lilac

This was ontop of my nail mail i was over whelmed with nail polish today and dont know where to start or which to use first lol