Nail mail from Ruth x

My nail mail from Ruth, you gotta love this gal she is awesome to swap with and never lets you down...thank you Ruthie poo xxxx

Essence: Blue Addicted, Twins Thelma & Louise and Galactic Black
Catrice polish: Lost In Mud and Hip girls wear blue jeans.


  1. im ubber jealous!!! ive been eyeing Essence-Blue Addicted ever since i found out its a dupe for DL-Across the Universe! i cant wait to see your swatch :) You lucky girl you!

  2. I am with Maria.... SUPER Jealous right now! I need Blue Addicted and the nail art twins.

  3. You're more than welcome sweetie!!! I'm so glad you like them all and can't wait to see swatches :-) BTW, your pics are amazing (do you have a new camera?) xx

  4. I wanted the Blue Addicted because its the closest il ever get to the DL........

    When i get a little extra cash i was planning on maybe asking Ruth to get me a few so i can swap with them....

    Ruth no its the same camera, i made a little Light box and realised the best lighting for my pics is in my kitchen.

  5. Anytime Kellie! If you need anything you know where to find me :-)