Nail Mail from Rachael

I did a swap with the sweetes girl  in my nail group, we did it round about the time the Canadian post workers went on strike, and unfortunaly my package never arrived, but this wasn't Rachael's fault its was the postal service.......I was happy to let it go, but Rachael being Rachel wanted to send me another package, which i got yesterday, there is nothing better then nail mail to cheer you up in a raining cold Saturday and Rachaels package done just that. sup....the best suprise she gave me was the OPI Glacier Bay Blues, id had this on my wish list for a while so im very excited....thank you my sweet friend i appreciate all you sent me xxx

Claire's Evil Queen and Venomous which to me is like Hard Candy Beetle.

Wet n Wild Grey's Anatomy 

OPI Glacier Bay Blues


  1. Yeah the strike messed a lot of things up, i was waiting on something and i haven't got it either, i ve put it down to a loss now, but at-least your friend was good enough to send you something again, that was very nice of her and you look like you got some great goodies.

  2. YAY for Rachel! Glad you got it Kellie!