Jade - Delirio Rosa

This was my first Jade polish, It was sent as a gift from my friend Rachel over at Cherry Glam Girl, I'm not a huge pink person but if i do take a liking to anything pink then its normally a Bubble Gum pink, which id describe this polish as, its such a pretty polish and most deffo a Girly colour.

At first in the bottle i though oh this is a good alternative to Ozotics 616 but then once i got it on i changed my mind because it was SO pink, like a WOW pink, its different from any pink i own and the Holo makes it even more special, but then again holo in any polish is pretty cool lol

A great formula like most Brazil brands and lasts well, if you can get your hands on any of the Jades id go for it.

China Glaze - Limbo Bimbo

Id was just generally looking on google at China Glaze polish when i came across this one, now pink isn't my number one love and go to polish but this stuck out and for some reason i had to have it.....I asked in my polish groups and no one seemed to have it, so i added it to my "Wish list".

My friend Rachel pm'ed me to tell me she found it cheap on ebay and had bought it for me as a gift, i was super excited and couldn't wait for it to arrive, and when it did i loved in in the bottle and on my swatch wheel, but not on me :(

I can normally wear anything, I'm not a person who has to match polish to their skin tone, if i like it, then i wear it despite the fact i might not suit it, but once i painted my nails with it, i hated it, it just didn't tickle my fancy lol, although others said it looks nice on me, i just couldn't love it :( i dunno, maybe its my super pale skin, if i had a darker skin id of loved it.