Revisited - Cathrine Arley 668

Those that now me, know i very rarely, if ever wear a polish twice, but i was tidying up my polish draws ans came across the box of Cathrine Arley polishes i have, and as i looked through them i came across this one, and remembered how i loved it.

When i first wore it, and blogged about it HERE i had short stubby nails, and remember saying to myself...."IL have to use this again when my nails are long" so that's what i have done, and i still love it.

I initially bought it cuz it was so close to opi ds Classic for ever, which i still do not own but it is on my Wish list, but i do think if i never got to have it, id be happy with this as a dupe.....

Cathrine Arley polish is super easy to work with, it goes on so well and it has this awesome glossy finish with out any topcoat.

So which was your Favourite Cathrine Arley polish when they wee popular.

After 2 days of wearing this i wanted to jazz it up and i gave stamping ago, now i not great at stamping but i think i can get away with this attempt lol

Hmmm my fingers look weird in a few of these photos, dunno why lol