Lilypad Lacquer - Where the Lilypads grow (Exclusive Custom)

A little backgroun information on how this glorious polish came about.

Where the lilypads grow is a Custom one off Exclusive nail polish that came to life when Nicole offered to make it for a Fan group on Facebook ran by Rachel of Cherryglamgirl Blog.... Nicole suggested 6 colours to choose from which would be exclusive to active members only of that group, the group had come together to suggest a name for the polish but Nicole choose to name it her self and well that's how Where the Lilypads grow began.

As you can see it is packed full of holo colours and is describes as a Linear Holo polish....depending on the light you can see a Rainbow of colours, and i have to say its flawless, the formula as with all Nicole's polish is perfection, it glides on with such ease, and dries in a good time and id say you could easily get away with just one coat, normally with some Holo polishes, adding a top coat t them dulls the effect, but not with this one adding a topcoat had zero effect on how amazing this polish is.
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