Spa-Ritual - Foxy Lady

I know il probably regret trying to find Nail Polish with my name on it or related to something close to me, but its so much fun when you do come across something and you just have yo get it lol

As some of you know already, my name is Kellie Fox, so I've grown up being called a few nick names, such as, "Foxy - Foxy Lady - Vixen and Young Foxy.

SO My First obsession was China Glaze "Foxy" which kindly got sent to me in a Surprise package, then after i joined a discussion about Spa-Ritual, i thought id see what there was on Ebay, and as soon as i seen this i KNEW it was for me lol, i don't care for the colour, its a little to pinkish for me, but i don't care, i wanted it for the name....and every time i see it i smile. lol


Hits No Olimpo - Zeus

I was recently hooked up with a Brazil gal for a swap, (Thank you Samantha and Dayane) i choose to get some of the Hits Holo polish and im so glad i did although at firt I was a little disapointed at the size, my reaction was "ohhhh ermmm yeah ok" i thought they were bigger then that, id never questioned the size because photos made them look taller, but wow the power those little bottles have are awesome, I got No Olimpo Zeus, No Olimpo Hera, No Olimpo Apolo and Mari Moon - Unconventional.

The one im wearing is Zeus, i love dark grays and this is no let down, the polish is the best formula i think ive ever used, and im not exaggerating, its perfect,it went on like a dream, although i needed 3 layers each layer went on as well as the last, i think it made my nails look pretty, its such a easy polish to work with, and my only regret is i didn't get  more, but hopefully i can do another swap and add to my collection.

Everyone i spoke to about this polish told me it was long wearing, i tend to pick at things and i tend to get Tip wear after 24 hours with the best of polish, how ever the below photos is 5 days of wear, and its perfect, no tip wear and i mean none, so this has to be a first for me, i haven't done anything different then i normally do, in fact, i have a heat lump on my ankle and I've been itching it like mad yet no tip wear, i think that's fab.

you would think id just applied it from this photo, not a 5 days after pic.

My Cathrine Arley 668 - 805 - 670 - 672

After reading some good things about Cathrine Arley Nail Polish i thought id try it for myself, i found a site called Beauty Cosmetics, its a Bulgarian site and pretty great prices......Id read a few reviews saying they didn't send the polish very securely, so i was worried about that but i took a chance and didn't go crazy, i ordered 4 bottles and if they arrived safely then i thought id go ahead and order order more....

My package took 3 weeks to get here from Bulgarian to the UK, i don't know if that's good or not? my package had to be sighed for, and considering i paid 6 Euro's i thought that wasn't bad, they came in a Cathrine Arley box, which was inside a more sturdy box and each bottle was bubbled wrapped.

I'm surprised i got it, as the box was clearly marked "Nail Polish" ?? but I'm glad i did...Its a wonderful polish, and i was pleased that the others i wanted were not out of stock and i was able to order them, they haven't arrived yet but I'm excited to get them.