China Glaze Tronica Lazar Lime

I wore this SO long ago so this is a another late Blog post where i have shorter nails then i have now.
China Glaze Tronicas are awesome, i wish i could get them all but IL have to settle for the ones i have, I'm not a green fan especially a lime green BUT i love this, i think its the scattered holo that i love, if it has been a normal Lime polish id never of worn it.

The only problem i have with the Tronicas is they dry SO fast that you have to work fast in order not to get bald spots, but if you apply a your layers thin and wait for it to dry fully before moving on to your next layer you should be OK.

Cathrine Arley 668

This is a really late Blog post, i wore this polish a while ago but forgot i had it saved in my draft's so my nails are so much longer now.....

Out of all the CA polish i have this is my fave, i had wanted opi ds Classic for ever, and when i tried to bid on ebay i always got out bid and it went for more then id ever pay for 1 when i seen this i thought it looks like it and bought it....Its slightly lighter but it satisfied my Ds Classic need and i needed it less then i had.

Like ALL Catherine Arley polish it went on like a dream so easy, it took 2 coats, but the polish has such a great shine to it, its a scattered Holo effect, deffo not in your face but so pretty, a kind of Latte/beigh colour and one for all occasions i think.

Some swatches that i have seen of this differ, some look like it has more holo in it, but id say these photos are true to life, if you want a little more holo i guess you could add a SF top coat but i love it as it is.

I wore this a long time ago but writing this i think its time to bring it out again lol